Players deserve reimbursement

More understanding? They knowingly sold a game that wasn’t ready for mass consumption. And sure, a lot of games have teething problems, but guess what…they don’t take nearly this long to fix them!

We don’t have a choice, but to wait…and waiting for a game to be completed after I already paid for it is ludicrous!

Right…because I’m the only person reporting issues…

Players deserve reimbursement, plain and simple.

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You’re speaking for yourself, only problem I’ve had is sometimes the shadows are messed up, but ive only seen it about five times in 130 matches. Game is working great for me and my friends. TRS is also hard at work fixing things for those who are having trouble. Nobody deserves reimbursement for this as it works and works pretty darn well. They also didn’t knwoingly sell a game that “doesn’t work”. If they were supposed to find all these bugs before release then this game or any game would never be released. Releasing games helps you find these things. Chill out.

200 hours played, enjoyed it mostly for 30€. As far as I am concerned they owe me nothing anymore.

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Speak for yourself. I haven’t had any major issues since release other than some occasional crashes. Also your attitude sadly reeks of entitled freeloader.


Right!? I got my $60 worth in the alpha and beta alone!



I can’t tell if you bunch are just fanboys or secretly work for TRS, but either way…don’t make me link all the threads/posts where people detail explicitly the problems they are having and how it prevents them from playing the game.

It shouldn’t even be up to discussion on whether or not people are having issues, either the game works for everyone or it doesn’t…and by the looks of it, it doesn’t.

I’m entitled to what I paid for and that’s a game that works. I didn’t give them money for them to say “we’ll give you what you bought in a few weeks”. It doesn’t work like that.


I wouldn’t mind. I grew up when games crashed all the time or memory cards corrupted or, you know, last gen and current gen games other than evolve that have this happen. Just boot up and play again. It’s all about the fun for me anyways, I let the masters come naturally and don’t play the game to get to the pinnacle the fastest or for bragging rights or whatever. Also, TRS is probably the only dev I’ve ever known who actually is working to restore lost progress in an online shooter game, never seen it before.

Too bad, dude. I’m assuming this is the first game you’ve ever bought? This happens to all games, I’ve never seen a game that didn’t need a patch, and never will.

Pro tip: don’t buy games on day of release all the way to a couple years after release if you want them to function without any problems.

As I’ve said, there’s no way to find every problem until a game is released.

As opposed to what? Letting us deal with our lost progression as if it’s our fault? You think I’m pissed now? Words would not be able to describe my feelings if TRS had of said, “we acknowledge the progression wipe glitch and the negative stats, but unfortunately were more focused on making neon pink guns skins for our high volume of female customers”

Why would you want others to suffer the same fate we had? What’s wrong with you?

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got kicked out of 80% of my games today thx to “Protocol Error”. GG Turtle Rock. Scam more.

Multi-playing works well D:

I don’t understand what are you talking about

I’m like George r .r Martin I feast on tears of sorrow and pain.

I agree it sucks, but the game is fun outside of that silly stuff. I don’t even look at what I need to do to or how many more things I need to do to master my stuff. I know we all are different, but when you’ve dealt with these things for 25 years you get it all out around the age of 8-18, after that it’s no sweat.

The game is running for the vast majority of the players. People like you are the minority and while it’s a shame the game doesn’t run on your system, chances are high the error might be on your part.

I mean, you can’t even state precisely what exactly doesn’t work. For all we know you could be inserting the disks into your toaster and wondering why the stupid game doesn’t work.


Slimey I don’t know if you are yet too young to understand what a reasonably fulfilled contract is. If you really feel you have been wronged, then the logical choice is to ask for a refund and if for some reason that is denied you go legal remember that you seem to clearly know what the contract between you and TRS is.

By all means this game is playable. Do some areas still have something to be desired - absolutely, but it doesn’t prevent you from playing.

It is unreasonably for me to expect to be entertained for 1000 hours if I only spent 30€ on it, but you know I also don’t go get a haircut and demand that they do not miss a hair. If by the end of the process I got a reasonable haircut, then I got what I paid for. If I suddenly have dreadlocks - that would be a different story.

I don’t think stuff like progression wipes can be found before the game goes live. You can’t really simulate that environment. So the only real gripe is the wraith - although I do enjoy it massively I think the way it is unlocked is toxic to the community.


I already made more progress than I had in the first place. It just stunk playing with people who didn’t understand the game again. All I needed was a 3 day break and the itch came back. I just thought of it as a Prestige.

I am fortunatelly the lucky one who sometimes gets “session expired”, but only in lobbies and such, game crashed so few times I don’t even remember it. 250 hours played already

Yay, now I can’t play at all. “Protocol error” every 30 seconds after i enter a game. FUCK THIS SHIT I WANT A REFUND!