(Playerbase) Evolve..What R u doin...Evolve...Stahp!


At first I want to clarify that this isnt another “trashtalk” thread, I am just really curious.

I havent played Evolve for a week. Last time (7-8 days ago) when I chcecked Steam Charts player base was around 2000 (2050 exactly I believe ).
Today I chcecked it again and playerbase is 1800. http://steamcharts.com/app/273350

Like… Did something happened that I missed or what , that there is such a huge player drop just during the week? :frowning:


GTA, and MKX launched?

Who knows? Maybe people thought they were good games, and continue to move over?


Ah yes , you are clever one @Shin.
That could be it .
I hope people will get back to Evolve :slight_smile:


They will, I think. GTA and MK are all well and good but a lot of people will tire of them and come back to us, especially with the new updates adding cool stuff and balancing things. :slight_smile:


i have over 350 hours in evolve - evolve is life and evolve is love

but trust me once you’ve opened gtaonline.exe it is hard

like realy hard

to do anything else in life anymore


Also kf2,.,.,


i swear that i jump in the next plant when i put in as a hunter again.


you did this several times, so well.


and i will keep doing it when i get put into the tenth hunter match in a row. Until this gets fixed.


because the other hunters are responsible for this, you are so smart.


what has that to do with smart?
That has something to do with people quiting this game because you need like 40 minutes to play what you like.


I’d put down MKX within a couple of days, a week max, if I was given it for whatever reason. I don’t get the appeal.


at least you can press start and play what you want there.


Wraith Community Event - thats happening :wink:

btw. GTA Online is horsecrap - i bought it and everybody plays on 56k modem, servercrashes unplayable with friends since always some1 gets kicked or whatever… ^^


Does anyone know what the player numbers are for ps4 and Xbox?

All I read about are the Steam numbers and tbh when you’re on there with hundreds of indie games it’s incredibly easy to get distracted.

I’ve not had much of a problem getting into matches as monster all week. Usually always on day 1 of evac too :smile:


GTA V ,man GTA !!!

Personally i quitted evolve until new maps comes out !


I disagree. The community in gta makes it real easy for me to put it down.


The numbers on Xbox seem good to me. I never trouble finding a game either


I will be gone for a bit when Witcher 3 comes out but I don’t think Evolve will ever be catching dust on my digital shelf. Can’t say the same for some of my friends though.


Finals season has also started.