Playerbase Boom


Since “Evolve Stage 2” dropped the playerbase has skyrocketed. In the last three hours we’ve gotten more than 3,000 players. That’s a thousand every hour.

I’m extremely excited to see the future of this game.
###Edit: Up to 8.5k, only three and a half hours in everybody!!!
###Edit 2: Up to 9.4k now! Peaked at 11k today! That’s more than the free weekend obtained!!!
###Edit 3: Blowing the playerbase out of the water with over 20k!!!
###Edit 4: Just under 24k!!!
###Edit 5: All time peak just under 41k!!
###Edit 6: Currently over 50k, top of the “Trending” list and on the 9th place of the top games!!!

Evolve, you came back
We did it! +40,000 players!
PC Evolve Has Officially Had More Players Than Ever Before
Evolve within the top 10 of active players on Steam
Evolve within the top 10 of active players on Steam

8.500 playing a minute ago ^^
I am still waiting for the download to complete, in the meantime I spread the word in some forums ^^


In 12 hours it went from 84 to over 8400. That. Is. A. Fucking. Huge. Amount.
In fact, that is an increase of over 10 000 %


And this is just the beginning. Some Twitch streamers are promoting it more so hopefully more people will try it out.


Interesting to be reaching launch day player numbers!


It could very well still be on the rise. I haven’t fully downloaded it yet, so add 1 to that 8000.


GUYS! Do you realise what this means?

#IT’S OVER 9000 (%) !!!


time to put on sensible heads. Yes these immediate numbers are impressive.

But will they hold out till end of the week, next week, end of July and onwards…

Fingers crossed


But you have to consider: Back in September, it went from 1000 to 9000, so its an increase of “only” 800%, but now its fucking over 9000%.

Just let me be a little enthusiastic


Just imagine it is still a work day in America… Wait until after dinnertime when everyone gets home and can update!


And don’t forget that people with non-amazing internet are still downloading.

We’re coming!!!

#GoodbyePlayerBaseWorries :smiley:


Here’s to hoping that the boom stays bangin.


Slow but steady we are comiiiiinnnn…
1:45 more until I can launch it …


I know right!! This is GREAT! Now we wait for the reviews


And me, I haven’t had a chance to start the download yet :stuck_out_tongue:

But I should have it done by tonight, and that’s +1 more :smiley_cat:


Evolve’s back!


We haven’t even added consoles in yet! I know all my friends have been dying for more F2P games. Smite’s fun, but this’ll for sure get a lot more! HYPE TRAIN INBOUND


Keep in mind that xx% are console players since they do not have the TU09 update yet.


If console players jump on this like the other free to play games I honestly think evolve could get a couple hundred thousand players


Almost 11,000 players. And that’s just on Steam. Who knows what’s about to hit consoles?