Playerbase at Graph Slump on PC after Free Weekend

We have just passed the Slump for the first cycle after the Free Weekend, at 2.6k Players.

Looking carefully at the reaction of the Graph when the Free Weekend ended, we can see it peaked up at 4.1k Players. From that, we can predict that the game should stay stable at about 2.3k-4k Players for this week on PC.



I am amazed by how much a free weekend helped. It makes me super happy. :smile:
Imagine if it had been a free week!!!


Free weekend still lasts for another 6,5 hours . So its not over yet.

Therefore we can’t say how the playerbase will look like when it really ends.

Numbers dropped just because players went to work/school


I’m cautiously optimistic, crossing fingers and toes here. With a little luck, these figures will hold. :smile:


Oh… I’m a fool then. RIP me.

Its labor day weekend so a lot of people will still be playing. No school here and most people will be off work.

Europe, especially at this time of the day, makes up a large chunk of player numbers.

Actually I think all this new players we get not because of the free weekend but because of hunt 2.0 + 15$ for game + other staff like Meteor Gol and all characters were unlocked for short period of time. Free weekend was just something like a 2d release of the game. Now it looks as it should have looked from the very beginning. I feel like I preordered this game for full price and got free access to veeeery long closed BETA-test. At least now we have some new players…

I think everything played a part. Folks who cautiously hanged back get a chance to try the game and the price seals the deal for some of them. When they realise alll these maps and classes for for free…it’s really hard to say TRS skims on contents. Variations of level designs and gimmick maybe but not on well thoughtout playable characters with distinctive styles.

Anything to stop this 15minute wait time man it’s terribu.

isnt it still going on?

Yeah there’s another 3 hours…

We’ll see after it ends of the numbers stay up. Hopefully it does.

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