Player rating system


Hey there guys! I just would like to put an idea on here. It would be cool to implement a player rating system. At the end of every match, players would be able to rate their teammates performances and get some sort of a percentage on how the player performs in matches. If the player is well rated, you would be more likely to play with him again. If not, the opposite.

I’m suggesting this because I’ve ran into Hunter not helping their team at all, on purose. For example: a trapper activating the mobile arena when the Monster is outsite of it and not disabling it so other Hunters are stuck inside, a Medic not healing their teammates and is just “trolling” them, a Hunter that doesn’t revive incapped player, etc. That kind of behaviors just ruins the fun.

I know it might complicate the matchmaking system creating longer wait times before joining a lobby, but personally I’d rather wait to get good Hunters and willing to complete the objective than wasting my time getting slaughtered because of a troll. Just let me know if anyone else would be down for this idea. I hope it would help to make the game better!

Best regards, Jesse “Drummer611” H.


To open to abuse. I don’t think it would be a good idea as the potential to troll is way to high.


I thought about that too, players rating other’s badly just for the fun of it. But oh well, let’s just see what everybody thinks.