Player Insights from the Previous Alpha?


If you were fortunate enough to be in the previous alpha, please share your experience from that alpha with us

  • What were some game elements that turned out exactly as you expected? What are some things that surprised you or didn’t know about until you actually tried out the game?
  • What single aspect did you find challenging when playing on the hunter side? And on the Monster side?
  • Given your previous experience/knowledge with the game, how might you approach the game differently in the Big Alpha in order for a more successful chance at winning?

Looking forward to reading your posts as we get ready for the Big Alpha to go live on the 31st!


I think they would still be under NDA wouldn’t they?


doubt it, everything from that alpha is in this alpha and then some.

note that this alpha has no NDA.


They are still under NDA from the first alpha, even in this alpha i think. idk… lawyer stuff not my thing.


I’m pretty sure the NDA for the last Alpha lasts for a fairly long time. @DamJess can you help out here?


NDAs apply to a specific time (Regarding Alphas and Betas). How it would work in this instance is that anyone can talk about anything regarding this Alpha. An NDA isn’t released usually until release or very shortly before release. I would be very surprised if those in the first Alpha were able to comment on it as that isn’t how NDAs are run.


There’s something I wrote up based on the gameplay I’ve seen and experienced at various public events… all I can say about the previous Alpha is this… it had very limited content to what was played at the PAX/Comic/Gamescom events. In fact, more has been shown publicly than in the first Alpha… but damn it was fun.


We can’t actually answer your first question. That’s a clear NDA violation because it was a work in progress snapshot of the product that does not represent the final package or what you will be playing this weekend. Your third question also relies on information from the first alpha so we can’t touch it. Things have likely changed a lot since the first alpha.

However, your second question looks like fair game to me. Alpha participants would have had very similar experiences to the people you’ve seen play at conventions or during streams. It doesn’t require prior knowledge of the alpha to answer. Nothing specific to the alpha is required so I’ll have a go at this!

Hunter advice: Don’t chase the monster. You’ll never catch up to it. You’ll be moving around the map and playing Rock Climbing Simulator (hint: you can climb walls by holding down the climb button even if there is no more jet pack fuel). Try to track where it’s going and cut it off. Stick together, maybe have a fast moving scout at a high place looking for the monster, and call out its location. Teams of two are ok, but NEVER someone alone! Press Q to put down little markers to point out where the monster is. The monster is much easier to deal with when it’s forced into a bottleneck in the map or when you try to set up a trap for it. Any shot that hits interrupts a feeding, pouncing, or generator attacking action. The monster is also a sitting duck while evolving and is in an unarmored state following an evolution – much easier to take out.

Monster advice: Sneak, sneak, sneak! I think it was shift key to do that. It is far harder for hunters to track a sneaky monster. Also jump early and often. Point your aim upward and jump away. Throw hunters off your tracks by creating false paths. Stop in heavy brush or something secluded and let them pass. Bulk up your armor and then attack. An armored monster is a dangerous monster. Evolution increases attack power, but it also makes you a bigger, more visible, and less armored target until you armor back up. Always look for that hunter that is separated from the pack. Always prioritize taking out the medic. Run away if you lose armor – you can toughen back up again. It’s also possible to hide inside the arena trap/dome!


One small comment regarding splitting up. 3V1 with an assault by himself isn’t a super terrible idea if you are good and still stay close together. His personal shield can be used if you get pounced to by time for your team to catch up.


I’m pretty sure we can talk about our general experience in so much as gameplay goes but not specifics.

My example should be fine here; USE A MIC! Even if you’re shy or don’t normally chat with strangers in online games, your chances of winning at least double if you use your mic. Trust me, it makes a huge difference and often once one person starts talking, everyone else does too.

This game is much harder if nobody is talking.

Monster advice: I’ve learned this both from my own time playing and watching streams but don’t RUSH STAGE 3! Use that armor you get in stage 2 and try and soften the hunters up. You want the final bout to be in your favor but if you are both full strength because you did nothing but run away all game, the odds are in the hunter’s favor because they are not up against a time limit and being at full health at stage 3 is overrated when it’s against a no-strike hunter team. Losing a couple bars of health is ok if you traded some down penalties for them!


I’ll be playing a lot of the monster so don’t really need to talk, going to be hard if i am the hunter to talk. English is not my native language and im rather shy talking to strangers


I didnt really come into it with any expectations, i got what i saw in the trailers. What did surprised me was just how often i got to play what i wanted(monster, of course)

For hunters actually finding/keeping up with the monster was the biggest setback though i played assault almost exclusively so it may have been incompetent allies

I was already damn succesful(90% monster winrate) so im more excited for competent, skilled hunters to fight.


The NDA lasts until release, I already asked Damjess about that right after the alpha, all we are allowed to share is our experience in general and combat misinformation



Game is worth getting excited for.



Hunters: Really communicate with your team even if it is just in chat. Always ping the map when trying to describe where the monsters location is rather than just saying “HE IS OVER HERE” and nobody knows where “HERE” is. It is absolutely crucial to get the monster in the dome as soon as possible as that early damage on that health bar will help out ALOT in the later stages of the game, as it is quite difficult going up against a stage 3 monster who has not been touched at all. It is still very possible to kill him but will be very very difficult. When searching for the monster splitting up in 2’s is usually the best way, but when split up in 2’s don’t stray to far away from each other, have one group follow tracks and the other group try to cut off the monster.

Monster: Don’t forget that you can sneak, at the very beginning of the match for your first few games you may feel very eager to get as far away as you possibly can, smart hunters will know how to cut off your tracks and will immediately know which generaly direction you went. Try to sneak and give the hunters no ideas where you could have possibly gone. For sneaking to be successful you must be very aware. SNIFF! SNIFF! SNIFF! There is a very short cool down and cost nothing and allows you to keep tabs on the humans. Finally as a stage 1 monster as a beginner fighting the humans is not smart food is first priority, I would wait until full armor stage 2 to fight them if you are a beginner and want to get some health strikes on those humans.

These are just a few tips to get you newbies started off. Hope this helps you guys to win your first games of Evolve! :smile:


I have dropped hints for playing here and there in the forums, but here is a new one for you. No matter where you are or what you are doing when the game starts, when the drop ship comes in, take cover behind something. Players can see you across the map while they drop in if they have a decent set of eyes. I ended a few games early because I saw the monster as I came in


Takes out notebook

Does this apply to a stage 1 monster? If you have the armor to spare should you go straight for the evolve t stage 1, or is it better to evolve as soon as possible?


I would say your first games as monster no. Stage 1 monsters don’t really do too much damage especially if you are learning to play for the first time. Just try to get to stage 2 as fast as possible get full armor and then mess around with the hunters, that way you have much more health to tank and you have a reasonable amount of damage output. However if you start to feel very comfortable as the monster you can try to get some down penalty’s on the hunters at stage 1 full armor but you would have to be very smart about how and when you engage.


Stage 1 can be risky. Also stage 2 is much faster to reach. Personally I like to rush stage 2, using my armor as a backup in case I get caught. After stage 2 I get full armor. Then I look for a fight. When my armor is gone, I start to look for a disengage to get more armor and repeat until I have enough to Evolve.

Hopefully you will have gotten some strikes on them, if not wiped them.

Now obviously things change during a match but those are my personal kind of guidelines for winning!


Wow I had no idea the hunters could see most of the map as they dropped. great hint.