Player Indicators


I have found in most cases when I engage players in a massive firefight and I try to pick out my targets, its nearly impossible to tell them apart. I see the green beam of the medic, but when I try to focus the trapper and daisy (who is usually nowhere to be found until all the enemies you just downed are back up) its extremely difficult, all I would suggest would be a constant player bar with their symbol above it in their colour, so i know I’m attacking Maggie the trapper and not XxleetN0sc0pezXx who could be anyone, very fun game but grinds my gears every time I down everyone and I finally get on the last person to find daisy reviving everyone when couldn’t find her to begin with, (lots of jumping and dashing and rock throwing) might just be me though, maybe I’m just blind. thoughts?


I think that there is colours, it’s just some of them don’t stand out from each other particularly.


Yeah like the medic and assault are not that bad, solid blue and red, but the yellow and orange throw me off a bit and when things get hectic and I’m jumping round like crazy trying to kill someone and the bar sometimes dissipates when I’m not attacking them directly, irks me a little is all.


The names are color coded too. :wink:


I believe when you are tranqed you lose your UI which highlights the players with the colors and names.


It could be worst. Imagine if it was the original Team Fortress hallucination effects :smiley: hahaha