Player from Small Alpha to Big Alpha?


If I had access to the Small Alpha, will I have access to the Big Alpha ?



However, you can still get in! If you’re a PC guy, search for the Curse thread and you can get guaranteed access. Otherwise, try to find the multi-use codes and cross your fingers. Or if you’ve pre-ordered, you should get a code from the retailer (if it was one of the retailers on the list).


Thank you, I have not pre-order yet since I want to purchase it on Steam and for some reason we can’t pre-order on it … :frowning:


Steam = PC player, so you’re in luck!

Go check that out. Basically all you have to do is install the beta of Curse VOIP and you’ll get guaranteed access to the Big Alpha. Make sure you use the referral code that’s shown too!

Also, we’ll eventually be able to pre-order on Steam. Just can’t do it right now.


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