Player count PC vs. Console


Hey guys,

I am currently on PS4 an I ask my self. How much players play the game in comparsion on all Plattforms.

Is there an official Player-Count-Number outside for PS4, X0 and PC?


right now 890 people playing it on pc :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh thats not much have anybody player counts for console?


no counter but on Tuesday I checked the weekly leaderboard on ps4 and I already had 20 wins after 3 days and there was 9000 players still ahead of me just for the weekly leaderboards…so 9000 ppl ahead of me for the week and I was playing ALOT


Sound mathematics! You are a genius :smiley: - Thanks for your answer. Really Interesting. EVOLVE is on PSN-Sale this week mabye that increase the player count a little bit.


I don’t know what the player count on XBox is, but I’ve played against the same player three times over the course of two months. This means that it’s probably somewhat low. Hope that helps.


That doesn’t mean much tbh.

Here in PC we have the lowest population but i still find different people everyday.

Also taken from reddit: 50,000 people have posted on Monthly leaderboards and 25,000 at the weekly.

So i would say xbox is doing good.PS4 as well


Steamspy says 48k people played in the past 2 weeks on PC.


Don’t games tend to match you with people in your area and they probably play at similar times as you causing you to be matched with them more often.


I play against many players more often than once. Even meeting PS friends in random matches
happens quite often.


Yes but the matchmaking take care of your friends so ist normal that you will be matchmaked if its possible to play with your friends.


I was looking for this psn sale, but can’t find it. I don’t see it discounted on the Playstation store. Where is it?


Use the search in the psn store on your ps4. Then you will see the disscount on the game. Now it cost 42 Euro instead of 60 Euro. Still expensive but better as 60 Euro.


Thank you!! Hope this sale lasts.


Well I live in HK. A place where AAA adverts and famous YouTube reviewers/English word of mouth have very very little sway, I still find a game under 5 mins, so this OK I suppose.


It’s only on sale in the European store. You might need to create a European account for that.
No need to worry. I’m in Germany and buy games with my Canadian account all the time.
Games are crazy expensive in Germany and not uncut. You can’t even buy Dying Light