Player Controlled Daisy

I’d love to be able to control Daisy directly while Maggie is dead.
I doubt this will actually be a possibility for this character, but I’d love to see this kind of feature in a later character.

Like an afterlife sort of what would you do after death


so what do you want to do in your afterlife mode

You could run away and join a pack of trap jaws!!!


I the case of Daisy, I’d just like to be able to control daisy’s movement, replacing daisy’s AI with a player.

I thought you were suggesting a new character idea

Either one really.

It would be a good idea for Maggie to control daisy after death

You couldn’t actually escape as Daisy and not just have Daisy follow the monster even if she’s the only one left, she has no self preservation

I actually still think this is a good idea.

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Would it really be that hard To implement? I don’t think so

shrugs It might be. I don’t know programming.

Probably not too hard to add but it’s a little unfair. As much as I hate to see daisy sit there while the monster pounds the last hunter, it would t be right that a player ran across the map with her. We have four hunters and daisy is already a bonus.

Hm… Might be unfair, I honestly don’t really see a problem though. It’s not like a hunter can’t already do that. I think I see what you mean though.