Player base?


I recently came back to the game after a little break (before the 4th tier stuff came out) and now I’ve started playing again. I am wondering what has happened to people?

I’ve just been in 5 different games today and I had medics who didn’t heal anyone, assaults who didn’t well assault the monster but just ran around behind it, Cabots who only damage amp the monster when he’s the only one engaged (half way across the map) and trappers who well don’t trap the monster. Am I just paired up with bad people lately or has something happened to the people who play the game? I hope its the former. Can anyone let me know what’s up or am I just being a whiny b***h. :confused:


paired with total baddies


pretty sure its bad people


Fair do’s then thanks for that :smile:


People got used to new hunters. Everone self-sufficient killer, you just shoot and forget anything else :wink: