Player Balancing?


OK so I know I just got this game becauseit has just become a F2P because the timed release is over. Still, I think there needs to be a bettergame finding system. Where oh here’s a lvl 3player and a lvl 11 player in the same match? Wouldn’t it be better to throw everyone at or around the same lvl into the same matches? Like if I’m 3 I should only be battling others ranged 2-4. NOT 9, 10, 11, etc. etc. its just crazy.


In general people are being put up against the same level, but sometimes the game doesn’t want to have someone wait around for an indeterminate amount of time just to find them the ideal match.

Hunt is quickplay, and it means you’ll get varying skill levels. Get to level 20, then go ranked, if you care more about an even experience with equal skill levels :wink:


Also there are players who group up together with other players.