Played pvz garden warfare 1 since well 3 months


i had the most fun in forever like i was reking i literally got 18,000 coins in one match as chemist engineer was fun aka welder didnt touch any thing else but that alone is more fun than im having in other games at the moment


PvZ:GW2 Hype!!!


yup cant wait till thursday i mean the first game fun as hell still cant wait to see how fun the 2nd is


I once had a match where I got 58 vanquishes and was the top player at the end. The guy right below me (my second-in-command, lol) had 57. That was a glorious fight… Can’t wait for the Beta. I wonder if you can download before it starts so you start playing immediately. I need to find out about that.


sadly its only default characters from what i heard


We have access to the new four characters and access to the old ones. The variations might be in the beta, but unlikely.


im gonna punch a chomper in the face as super brains


I don’t believe you can since he is a defender.


theres gonna be a vampire sunflower that has 75 health but heals with each shot


That’s disgusting.


but imagine 5 of those healing eachother with flower pots and shooting


What I meant was can you start downloading now so that you can play the Beta by the 14th? Orr is it not available for download yet? (Apologies if you didn’t reply to me. It showed in my inbox that you did, but the arrow indicator hasn’t shown up on any of your posts).

Also, try punching my chomper out. I’ll eat you first! XD I jest, I jest.


Yeah, absolutely disgusting.


nope only avaiable the 14th i think


meh chemist jump in 2 shots on each flower


True, but they could possibly out heal the damage.


maybe i shall call on imp mech




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