Played my first A.I Wraith today


I gotta say, she isn’t overpowered. If people learn to not spam decoy, then they will be evened out. I was Parnell and last on alive, I took down at least one bar of health with shield and super soldier. I was playing with a few friends.


A.I wraith has some honor and mercy, players who play with it, haven’t both of this.


Wraith AI is pretty bad, even for an AI that can calculate everything in pin-point idea. I’ve had one just walk right in front of my team and start to fight. Easy kill.


People have been saying A.I is OP…


Goliath AI is op, kraken and wraith, naa


AI list of monsters:
Goliath - amazing.
Kraken - holy damn, worst player ever.
Wraith - meh.


Why is it different?


Wraith AI is not like humans whatsoever. And never will be close to it either. They wouldn’t program the A.I. to not be fun to fight, so yeah, it’s not too hard against AI.