Played As Wraith For The First Time (Accidentally)


Basically I entered the queue late and I was spectating the Wraith bot when I accidentally pressed a button.

Suddenly I was looking at a Wraith get pelted by stuff before I realized “ohhhhhh…shit”.

And it was really awesome.

I lost (went through a wall and then couldn’t get out of it) but I felt like I gave the hunters a decent fight for someone who wasn’t planning to play as Wraith (or had even studied her).

She was so fun: her speed, her stealth, her abilities (shout out to the derpy decoy). It’s not much of a surprise because I always go for the speed/stealth/mind games focused characters so Wraith is right up my alley but that was more fun than I expected it to be.

Snaked through passages in stealth mode after making (accidental) false signs, feeding every now and then (got to stage 3), getting some hits in after I set up ambushes (no strikes but I got close once or twice), surviving arenas without taking health damage…it was really fun.

Now i’m actually looking forward to some monster play in the future…


Oh man… I remember when all I had on monster was Goliath and I got thrown into arena as Wraith…
It was then that I realised, my fate was to main Wraith on monster side… I was sitting in skype with a friend screaming and laughing my ass off because it was so damn fun! I won! I WOOOON!
…Ahem… That said, it was actually 1 win to them and 2 to me…


She’s so…DEVIOUS.

I got a huge kick cause I could imagine the trapper panicking when I abducted him (SORRY ABE, I LOVE YOU HON), or when I went SLICEY SLICEY DICE DICE and people roached.

Really visceral stuff.


Wait, you main Wraith? But you’re ToiletWraith… :confused:


Wraith abducts you while you poop.


Going to clean! :smiley:


Alright! Let’s get back on topic! It’s good to see that you loved playing her! :wraith:


Wraith is really fun. I remember the first time playing her when I joined a game as her.


How do you accidentally launch a game?



Waking up.

Worst part of the day XD