Played as tier 4 hunter when joining a game


So I joined a game where people were losing against a wraith and I had to take the spot of the support class. When I loaded in and saw the bot play ( to take over ) it wasnt any character I’ve seen. ( the ONE FUCKING TIME shadowplay wasnt running when I thought it was so I cant supply video sadly )

It looked like a blackish stormtrooper with red tints in the armor but the weird thing was when I took control over it, it wasnt a supportclass at all, it was a assault class ( while we already had an assault in the team ) There were only 3 abilities available ( so maybe work in progress? ) which were

1 big autoshotgun with alot of ammo in the gun
2 big fastshooting chaingun
3 was missing
4 assault shield

The server was also showing messages it was struggling with the network, so I think I played with either a bugged/early version of pharnell ( without the rocketlauncher ) or a early version of Tier 4 assault (eventho in the end of the match I was giving scores for hank with 0 done in all categories.

Anyone else experienced this?


It’s the Ebon-Star Trooper, there is a glitch where you can accidentally spawn as him.


oh weird, thanks for the fast reply, was really wondering what that was :smiley: