Played all night on release- hopped on this afternoon, all progress has been lost


I’ve seen it reported a handful of times, but here’s my issue. I played on release (downloaded of Xbox Store) and played without issue last night on release. Played till about 4 AM, hopped back on 15 minutes ago at 530 PST (2/10) and was at a level 1 after getting to Level 6 before I hopped off. I’m not really that frustrated about losing a couple hours of progress, but I am leery of putting more time in if this is going to continue happening. If someone can take a look and let me know that things are good to go from now on, that’d be great.

Console: Xbox One


This issue is known, and is being looked in to.


Wow- thanks for the quick feedback. Much appreciated!


I really hope this get sorted out. It’s been suggested that this is a 2K server issue, so you could also go report that to them too and see if they have an answer faster. I hope this doesn’t happen to you or others again…it is a pretty bad problem indeed.


I’ll hop over there and do that now- hopefully they can get it sorted out. Thanks again.


Same issue here. Happened about 15 minutes ago. Any updates would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve gotten the same problem 2 times now after i rank up one of the hunters. maybe it has something to do with that?.. i don’t know.


Not sure- but per the MODs request- I posted a note over on 2Ks forums. Go ahead and add on to mine if you want.


The more the merrier with this issue, friends. Let them see how many people this is having an affect on.

Game Issues

this just happened to me and i’m absolutely outraged, I have now lost all my progress from level 16, and lost my characters, as i had all but one unlocked from the beta, this happened when I joined a private game, on xbox one, there was no crash no lag or anything i just joined a lobby AT LEVEL ONE I am seriously aggravated at the massive waste of time. until i know this either wont happen again or i get my progress restored i am abstaining from playing this. Is it really so bloody difficult to make a game work? after delaying it 3 months?? The worst part is dying light had this EXACT SAME PROBLEM and it happened to me im downright sick of wasting my time on games that cant seem to hold up the most simple of gaming needs.


I did not lose my level or my unlocks, but I did get my place on the leaderboard reset. I had 10 wins with Lazarus and was somewhere in the top 100. I got back on and got 5 more wins and I was at 5 total wins.

A minor inconvenience compared to others who have lost a lot of progress.


I’d hold judgement for the time being- all signs point to this being a 2K issue and not a TRS issue. Regardless, it sucks- but the best thing to do now is just report and help out where we can.


yeah im gonna go yell at 2k next


I understand what you’re saying about this particular issue being a 2K server issue. But everyone involved with the game is accountable. And this game was released with major bugs aside from this. Hold turtle rock responsible for their unfinished game. This is the kind of shit that makes people afraid to pre order, and a prime example of how that marketing strategy sucks. Thanks for contributing to the demise of quality gaming turtle rock. You had a really good thing going for awhile there.


It might be when you try joining private games.

On the 2k forums someone did mention that and now that i remember i did join a private game when it happened.

did that happen for the rest of you guys? did anyone try joining a private game and it reset your rank?


I was playing online with a few friends and my game froze then kicked me out to the menu when I joined back in all my ranks were reset. When I went and looked at my assault classes progress under my profile it says 0% and all my weapons have negative values with them. And all of my accolades also have negative values.


I never tried private/custom matches. The only thing I’ve been in are Skirmish and Evacuation. Haven’t even clicked the custom tab yet. So while that may be a common thread for a lot of these- it’s not the only thing.


Please also report this problem to 2k on their forums. I am pretty sure by now they are aware of it but it can’t hurt. I really hope this issue gets resolved for you guys. I feel bad reading the threads and being unable to help but please also know that none of this was meant to happen and I am sure there’s bad feelings on the side of TRS and 2K both when things like this go down. I know they will make it right!


We all hope so dude. Kind of sad there was an alpha AND beta, yet things are messing up left and right. Take a look at all the different threads going on right now. And those are just the people who have spoken up.


We are looking into this, but to better help us figure it out, please submit a ticket to 2K support! This helps us gather data