Played against rank 1 global today (EAX )


NOTE: im a rank 8 wraith.

i recieved some ass whooping, i normally am able to easly fight the hunters at stage 2 with full armor, and finish the fight with just a little bit of armor left, but this guy was litterly 24/7 behind me. i was even thinking if he was using some kind of map hack in order to find me because as the wraith being so fast, i had no clue why he was being able to find me THAT FAST. so after the match i checked the replay, and he kept predicting where i was going. THIS is what i call a good hunter, to all you ‘‘pro’’ hunters saying the wraith is op, learn to play first


This doesn’t mean anything beyond you play the character a lot. And when you play a character enough to get into these high ranks, chances are you never change up your strategy and don’t know how to react when someone is countering your usual strategy.


Yeah this.The only thing leaderboards are achieving right now is showing who is playing the most of the game.Not who is good


not saying im experienced or anything, but everytime if i do play the wraith, people call me a ‘bad’’ player, useless and lucky. i even decided to play the goliath for once against a team that i whopped their ass with the wraith, after they called me a retarded for playing the wraith 24/7, and i also whopped their ass at stage 1


Not even 0 loses show anything since you can exploit the leaderbords. As well as loses dosent mean you got them by being beaten you can as well get them by bugs. Thats how i got my only lose =(


''he only thing leaderboards are achieving right now is showing who is playing the most ‘’, first of all its been proven if you practise something alot, you WILL get better at it. am i actually saying this guy is the BEST player in the world? did i say im the BEST wraith in the world? no. what i do say is i myself have way more experience then most wraith players, and this guy has probably the most experience of us all ( not counting pres-release and developers ).


I don’t think the dude was saying he was the best in the world cause he is rank 8. Just that he played an actual smart hunter and it was a lot more difficult than the average team out there. It’s very true too. I got my first two losses since the first alpha today, at the hands of a good team.

The best part about this is that now we get to start to see the meta evolve :smiley:


Please don’t tell me you were playing on Barracks :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok? You played one match against a guy who plays a lot of evolve. So you figured out how the entire game is balanced in that one game, against that one guy?


I feel honored somewhat - but yes it isnt that hard to figure out how to find a monster - to find them you need to be a good one aswell.

with the mapknowledge just comes down all those farm areas and those feel a bit limited.
if i lose tracking of wraith in example im trying to get my team to just farm all those buffs on the map and defend them.

also i prefer Griffin actually for the best tracking from all 3 trapper classes, the soundspikes can cover nearly the entire map if well placed so this throttles a monster’s movementspeed down to sneak.

at that part its just alot easier (at least if your team does not get fooled or blindly follows you) to find any monster around the areas.


Aren’t you the guy who got matched together with me and b1nge?
You had some problems when using firebreath for example and your PC would freeze for some secs.At least that’s what you said when you came as hunter with us playing Val.

Or i just might be confusing you with someone else :stuck_out_tongue:


might be, i have b1nge in my friend list


No i was asking EAX.

I think his name sounds familiar that’s why :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry that youre bad and ccant figure how to play against wraith.


Wraith will recieve a hard nerf in the very first balance patch, regardless of what some wannabe MLG kids think.


ye but 80% of the problem is the hunters are terrible at the game… Amount of games where we could easily beat the wraith has failed down to the assault being bad or the support not shielding or medic healing etc. This game will boil down to people learning the game and every characters skills and abilities which better hurry up as people are starting to P me off… Level 20+ players that still don’t know how to play assault etc.


The same could be saI’d about the monsters. They probably make mistakes the same way the hunters do.


No it won’t – theyre not going to nerf and make changes just because kids like you can’t l2p.


Ok, I’ll pm you when they do. To remind you of how dumb you are.


@WiBaKi do you have an ESL team running for the Cup today? like group up with b1nge and so on would be awesome - i see a big chance of winning :smile:

btw. yes its me geting all those freezes and lags playing goliath -.- had to stop playing him…