"Play the Beta this Fall" (XB1 promo)


So here’s the link in question:


It states “Play the open beta this fall on XBox One”
“Play the new DLC first on XBox One”

So, fall ends December 20th. That’s 3 weeks away from now. And it states the Beta is open. Open Beta meaning “available to all” (does not state “only on XBox One”, just indicates the Open beta is this fall) The second statement says the new DLC (which I’m to understand is what, the 4th monster?) is “first on XB1”, meaning they could have it as early as a day.

I know the chance for these sites to be wrong (there have been a lot of mis-wordings lately) and whether we should take this as literal as I did is to be seen.


Yeah… that does not sound official at all xD lol


Not sure what you mean, but anything not coming from TRS or 2K would not be considered official. And this is hosted on Microsoft’s website; a non-official source.


I think someone at microsoft just posted that without even getting some sort of confirmation xD The open beta on xbox one is in january, that’s what TRS and 2K have been saying for months now.

And also about the DLC, they get evrything a week earlier i think. Not a big deal, guess they need the advantage haha


Nah, it’s a new map I think.


Yeah, they just get early access to maps.


I seriously hope there is a PC beta, this game exceeded my expectations and i have literally nothing worth playing at the moment :(.


I’ve bougth 12 games so far during the steam sales… :frowning: I have to much to play right now.


They said that there would be a Beta for the Xbox One in the most recent interview with @SlabOMeat on IGN


The site is still providing referral and registration codes for the Big Alpha. It’s safe to say that it hasn’t been looked into very thoroughly for some time now.


So microsoft made a deal with 2K but don’t care about what it says about evolve on their site.

:thumbsup: xd


Pretty sure it’s an old post that hasn’t been updated since.


It sounds old. Back when the release date was October 21st, they mentioned that the XBone was going to have an exclusive beta in the fall, but that was before they pushed the date back. That was an old timeframe for the beta


Perhaps they’ve changed it since you posted this, but it clearly says; “Play the open beta this fall only on Xbox One.”


Which can mean the day after Fall (December 21st), the Open beta goes to more platforms (start of Winter), or a good 10 other combinations of interpretation if we are to take them at literal wording… I think we’re just back to grasping at straws.

TRS have been very vocal on their own forums, and they’ve chosen to not talk about this subject, so it’s obviously a sensitive subject for them. I guess we’re back on the “wait and see” methodology.


I think what @brandini said earlier is true. Microsoft’s website just being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of date. :slight_smile:


I think it would be wronK to just do a Xbox one exclusive beta, i read some where that they are getting a financial payout for the x box one exclusivity in beta which i can understand from a business perceptive, but i don’t care about Fat Cats getting rich, the Devs are the real people that put the games together, have some heart for the gamers that care.


Most likely xbox one will be the only one getting a open beta. The rest still have the possibility to have a closed beta.


Thanks for clarifying on the DLC (map). So was Evolve (gold), to have 4 classes, 12 Hunters and 3 monsters? Wasn’t the pre-order bonus (4th) monster to be considered DLC that was free to pre-order customers?


The released game will have 4 class with 3 hunters each, 3 monster, 12 maps and 2+ gamemodes ( don’t know the other ones ).

When you pre-order at a store you’ll get the pre-order bonus that evryone gets; the goliath skin and 4th DLC monster when they release it. Some stores ofcourse give other extra bonus pre-orders but those are nothing big :slight_smile: .

Just to clarify.