Play of the Game?


You know you want to see this.


I think Evolve is too slow-paced in comparison to Overwatch to have this feature. Also, while monster combos could look interesting, what would be PotG for hunters? Torvald connecting with mortars? Lazarus ressing somebody? It wouldn’t be very exciting to watch.


That would be interesting lol. But I think it would almost always be support or medic that gets it because clutch shields and heals. Assault? Damages the monster like nuts but otherwise not doing much. Trapper? Usually ignored in the dome cause he’s not doing much unless he’s being an active pain (cough Maggie cough)

So yeah that would be medic and support most of the time if not all the time.

Also change the category to suggestions since this is one lol.


Do do do doo do doooooo



Evolve is way faster pace in battle to me. I would like to respectfully disagree with your statement. xD


And I’d like to ask you why do you think that.

In Overwatch, you can go in, wipe out 3+ people with your ultimate, kill 2 more, die, respawn in 5 seconds and joint the action again. Respawn times are short, kills can be gained very often and a single person can wipe out multiple other players.

In Evolve the respawn time is 6 times longer when it’s at its shortest, the team of hunters can perform only one meaningful kill over the entire course of the game, you can have 4 hunters shooting at the monster for 10 seconds and not kill it, while in Overwatch that’s enough time to kill 5+ people. Also, Evolve’s actions have more long-term consequences than Overwatch does, which makes them not easy to capture in a single scene.

Tracer’s play of the game might include pistol whipping one guy to death, blowing up 2 more with her ult and then headshotting another one.
Sunny’s play of the game would most likely be placing her Shield Drone in a right spot or using her JPB to save Laz and let him res someone. That’s impactful, sure. But is it easy to capture the whole consequence of that in ~5 seconds of video? Heck, is it even enjoyable to watch? And how hard to program would that be, seeing how Overwatch generally just has to count kills, which would obviously not work in Evolve?

In my opinion all of Evolve happens on a much longer timescale than in Overwatch, which is why Evolve isn’t really fit to have PotG clips.


To be honest with ya, I just feel that in combat in Evolve, you have to be more aware of your surroundings than in OW. To me OW just feels like a CoD with different characters and different maps. You just find a simple spot within an outskirt of the map and you can just snipe as Widow. As with Evolve, that monster can smell you and hunt you down. In Evolve on the battlefield, you have to be ready for anything like as a support you have to make sure you can keep your team protected/ keep yourself protected or as monster, you have to understand how to counteract them or those few precious seconds can mean the difference between you taking armor damage to permanent health damage.


What he said and you would get the Overwatch community crying over Evolve copying…


I really don’t feel a POTG is needed in Evolve.
Heck, it barely works right in Overwatch.