[Play Mode] Territory War


EDIT: TL;DR Monsters and Humans have territory on the planet, and queueing for an area and winning expands influence. Various territories give special buffs or access to perks. To be accessed along with ‘casual’ and ‘ranked’ modes.

So, I’m a big fan of the idea of evolving gameplay as you win or lose. For example, games such as Brink fascinated me. Every match was the same idea: “Here’s an objective, fight some dudes while you complete the objective.” The thing was, during campaign mode, after you won or lost, you moved on to some other related map with related objectives. If you did something right on the last mission, then this mission will be something that is happening directly because of what you did on the last one.

One other inspiration to mention are the games such as Battlestar Galactica Online. In that game, there’s a constant battle going on for territory, and as you win PvP fights, you get to have free reign over more space systems and buffs for mining and whatnot based on the value of that system.

I’m kind of interested in combining some aspects of those two in this game. We have two distinct teams: The humans, trying to settle on a new world, and Nature, trying to fight back as the humans clear area for their civilizations. What if we made a play mode for a territory war between the two factions?

Make an actual map, and put your gameplay maps in reasonable spots on said map. You can choose which area you want to attack, and queue up there. If you win your match, you expand your faction’s influence in that area. Eventually you push into opposing territory, or they push into yours, and you can play those maps and game modes. More territory means special perks you can pick, or other buffs, up for discussion.

As more game modes are brought in, you can incorporate them into the world. The most obvious would be a reverse roles situation, where the hunters have to destroy an objective that is guarded by the monster. Details there are for another thread, but then you could have more reverse games happen when the humans are in nature territory, and regular games for when nature is in human territory.

Fluff-wise, I’d probably start with saying that the humans pushed pretty far out into nature territory, but then got beaten back a bit. Then you could say that the human perks/buffs are coming from retaking key buildings that were already built. While they were building, maybe the humans killed off certain wildlife/vegetation that the monsters cultivated or consumed or whatever, in the given areas. Retaking those areas brings back the wildlife/vegetation so the monsters can feed/whatever to get their territory-based perks/buffs.

Idea that just came to me, is that you could have the same perks, but just buff them. For instance, maybe the humans retook a fueling station, so the perk (that will inevitably come out) that increases jetpack fuel efficiency might get a 20% buff for being in control of said fueling station. You don’t have to create anything new for this mode, and balance issues are less important since the territory line is supposed to wax and wane.

So, what are your thoughts on this style of play mode, as compared to just ‘casual’ and ‘ranked’ modes?


idk man blew my mind right now to be honest


So a mix of Planetside and End of Nations? I think it would be bad because then everyone will hop on the winning team and queues for both sides will sky rocket and then fade away. I don’t see a reason to add a Conquest type mode.


I was thinking of Team Fortress 2’s under-loved Territory mode to be honest. It almost sounds completely ripped from it actually, so I’m surprised you didn’t cite it as an influence.


I haven’t played TF2 since the orange box came out. I remember something very similar to this while I played TF2, but it was so long ago I didn’t remember enough details to correctly cite it.


Haven’t played either of those, but after playing Battlestar Galactiga Online, I know that players take pride in their side, and want to grind out the experience and currency on one side so they don’t have to split resources. Since it’s free to play, it’s plenty easy to have an account on both sides and just play the winning side, but that really just doesn’t happen. In BSGO, the two factions are functionally identical (ships, weapons, etc…), but yet people still tend to stick to one side. Be it for not wanting to split their resource grinding, or for pride in their chosen faction, I often saw the same people on both sides, consistently. I know I would definitely not switch sides for both reasons: I am proud to be a monster main, and I won’t have the same ‘character experience’ as any of the hunters as I would have as any of the monsters.

As for whether or not we need it, you’re right; there’s not really a need for this type of game system. I just think that it would be pretty easily implemented, but bring a lot of flavor to the game. I could be wrong here, but, this is basically a low effort, high reward sort of thing. If you can see any major roadblocks to implementing this, feel free to let me know.