Play Civilization V With Other Forum-goers!


Now, I understand that an Evolve forum is no place to discuss Civ V, but threads similar to this have been popping up across many of the other forums that I am a part of. Now, without further ado…

This thread is for people interested in playing Civ V or other 4X games with the other people on this forum. Anyone who is interested in starting up a multiplayer game of Civilization V (or any other 4X or similar game) can simply let everyone know in this thread, and then you can try to plan something out. Basically, it’s just a fun way to make friends and play games with the other people on this forum.

For the record, my Steam name is Man_Of_Ret and I am willing to play Civ at almost any time. Just shoot me a friend request or make a post here and we’ll try to plan something out!


Hey we love the Firaxis guys! They took my favorite game of all time (X:Com) and made it even better!

Discuss Civ V til your hearts content! :smile:


I love the XCOM remake, I was too young to really be into the original and this remake seems to preserve the spirit of the original but gives it a nice modern, accessible update that lets those of us who missed it the first time enjoy it now!


O.O All teh yes! Civ is amazing


Well, it’s great that the Admins are seeing this, but you guys are all presumably too busy with actual work to play! Hopefully some of us plebians will see this thread so there can be a plebian mega-game.


I would love to play civ, but I’m actually trying to be good at League and I’m playing it none stop atm. No time for rest! But real civ is one of my favorite games.



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