Play as monster while in party?


Hi guys,

I’ve only quickly scanned the forums, so I’m not sure if this has already been posted. I’m sorry if true.

So I’m a big fan of the monster side of Evolve, and I was hoping to play as the monster while playing with a friend. Tuns out my first choice to be the monster is disabled when I’m in a party.

I can understand why, but I think it’d be fun if it wasn’t disabled and you could fight against your friends sometimes instead of alongside them. No voice chat with the monster would be logical in this case, but I could see the fun in teasing eachother through Skype or Teamspeak, for instance.

Right now, there is no way to have friends join the same session separately and when you invite friends you’re automatically put in a party. Could this be an interesting change for a future update? What does everyone else think? :smiley:


Custom games allow for open chat and the ability to play as/with the monster in a party. You won’t gain leader board ranks, but you can level up and earn your masteries.


the funny thing is everyone in my party got to play monster atleast 1 time in matchmaking


Truth be told, this “no monster if you’re in a premade group” policy has a nasty downside : it forces solo-players into monster roles more often than they would like to and that is a hindrance.

While I actually like to play Monster, I currently have it as least preferred as this is the only way I’ve found to have an actual chance of picking something else!


But you’d need 4 friends to fill the game because custom = private, right? Or am I failing horribly?

Here’s what caused me to create the topic (should’ve added this in the first place…):
Yesterday I wanted to play together with one friend and the rest of the roles were to be filled in by strangers, though not bots. Thats why I didn’t want to make a custom match.

My choice of monster only remained until I invited my friend into the session. After that the game deemed us as being a party and disabled my ability to play the monster. We could find other players just fine, but I was forced to play a hunter.

So what I’m suggesting is the ability to play the monster, while in a party with friends, in a public match so other random players can join to fill the remaining roles. Am I… still making sense? xD


You are making sense, but as of now it’s not an option.

Maybe in the future they can create ranked and social playlists so we can party up. The fear on TRS’ part is cheating and griefing.