Platinum skins?


How does one get a Platinum Skin? My Goliath has one and I have no idea where it came from. My Kraken doesn’t, so I was wondering (because I want one for my Kraken main)


Pics or it didn’t happen.


It was a Monthly Punch Reward, like day 2 or 3


Really? I thought it was a normal thing and everybody has one. It’s like a golden skin but, well, platinum.
I’ll get caps next time I play.


What’s that Monthly Punch thing exactly?


I’m in console, so I got no clue about skins. That’s why I wanted pics.


You Sign into the game and usually a window pops up. You hit Claim Rewards and get a reward based on what day it is.


There are videos on YouTube. Just look up “evolve platinum goliath”.


Oh, nice, so I could eventually get another one?




I believe it was Day 2 of you playing Stage 2 :slight_smile:


One moment.


That’s a link to an Imgur album.


so is there going to be a silver, bronze one 2?


This isn’t a ranked skin. It’s a daily login so I doubt there’ll be one for other metals.


hmmm, i think i missed it, logged in day 3.
I better check back.


So I wonder how will this work. If you missed it logging it on Day 2, can you get it on Day 2 on August? Will you get the Goliath Platinum then or maybe whatever they give away that day? In that case, would it be possible to get it some other way?

I just hope the devs go easy on timed exclusives and rare stuff, I’m a collector of skins but frankly I don’t need stress or having this game become work.


That’s what I’m curious about. If in order for you to get that days rewards, ex. day 2, do you have to login on that day? Or is it the 2nd time you login is considered “day 2”?


doesn’t work that way, if you skipped a day, it will act as if there was no skip and put you on day 2.


Oic, thanks :smile: