Platform Specific code?


I pre-ordered Evolve do Xbox one, so I should have guranteed access to the Alpha. I have yet to receive a confirmation email, or my platform specific code. Should I be worried? Has anyone gotten theirs?


and yes, I entered the Alpha Code on my receipt. I preordered from Gamestop.


As far as I know they haven’t been sent out yet. I’m sure they will update the news feed on the site once they’re sent.


For Xbox One:

As for when you’ll actually receive an email, no one knows yet. I would not expect one until the 30th.


I hope they do it a little bit before then to give everyone plenty of time to download it and less time stressing over it.


Yeah, my receipt says sometime between the 24th and 29th, but I’d like sooner than the day before it comes out.


I agree, so that I can download it ahead of time.