Plant monster for 5th!


I think this would be really cool, it’d be quite abstract compared to the other monsters and deviates from fire based abilities like Goliath and Behemoth.

Not sure on abilities and stats but to combat the new hunters, maybe it could restore its health really slowly? Along with that have a really small pool of health to balance that and not much armour since it is plant based.

So it could have abilities like Camouflage and Absorption as well as a long range move that makes vines sprout up around a target and damage or ensnare them. Not sure what a final move could be it’d need a highly damaging one or it’d be worthless in a fight.
Maybe it could fire explosive pods in to the air that fall down on an area doing decent damage, would be great for keeping Hunters away from a recently downed team mate.

Or it could have some kind of poisoning attack, perhaps instead of the vines poisonous flowers sprout and spray spores everywhere.

So I guess it could kinda play like Wraith by being fast and nimble, we don’t need another slow monster anyway.

Too add to the lore too perhaps it could have either spawned the carnivorous plants or be evolved from one.


Lol. I made a pretty sweet one almost a week ago in another thread.

I’m still figuring out the last ability but here he is.

Everyone welcome Thorn. (This was originally posted in : Fully Fledged Monster Ideas! )


Armor - 5500 (11 bars)
Level 1: 9600 (6 bars)
Level 2: 12800 (8 bars)
Level 3: 17600 (11 bars)

Thorn is all about Damage over time and Area of Effect abilities. Thorn has moderate health and armor that’s slightly larger than Goliaths, giving it a stronger chance in drawn out fights, but has to be persistent in choosing the right targets in order to maximize its damage over time while using its other abilities to punish hunters for sticking together or for being close to the monster. otherwise, spreading too damage over too many targets may prove futile.

_Thorns light attacks and pounce is him pounding at the target and gouging them with his horns.

_Melee sequence: light, light, heavy

_Thorn’s heavy attacks send a cone of thorns through the ground in the direction your facing dealing damage to any hunters or wildlife in the way and knocking them back. (Note: Thorn’s heavy attack climbs walls, and has a maximum range of 4m and deals damage to each target in that area.)

_Thorn’s traversal causes him to rampage forward quickly over a long distance, bulldozing plants and knocking away any hunters and wildlife in his way.

_Thorn can’t jump but can still climb.

Ability 1 (Still coming up with this ability)

Base Stats:

Skill points:
100% ?
100% ?
XXX% ?
XXX% ?
XXX% ?
XXX% ?

Mastery bonus:
+2%, +5%, +10% ?


Spore Trap - Thorn places a pod-like plant that pops to release a cloud of spores around it when hunters or wildlife get close. It deals low damage over time but severely and temporarily weakens any hunters or wildlife that were caught within the cloud of spores.

_22 Damage per second for 10 seconds
_cloud radius 1m
_Hunters get 10 seconds of -10% fire rate
_Hunters get 10 seconds of -10% movement speed
_7 second cooldown

Skill points:
100% Damage
100% Radius (1m)
130% Damage
175% Radius (1.75m)
169% Damage
250% Radius (2.50m)

Mastery bonus:
+2%, +5%, +10% Duration

_Hunters can shoot spore traps from a distance to make them pop early.

_You can have up to five Spore Traps on the map at any given time.

_Spore traps are affected by your skins.

_ the fire rate and movement speed deductions DO NOT STACK with other deductions or spore traps.

Thorn Burst - Thorn Sends a circular wave of thorns through the ground outward from the monster that causes damage to hunters and wildlife and knocking them away.

Base Stats:
_4m radius
_500damage at epicenter to 300 at edge
_12second cooldown

Skill points:
100% Damage
100% Radius (4m)
130% Damage
140% Radius (5.6m)
169% Damage
187% Radius (7.48m)

Mastery bonus:
+2%, +5%, +10% Radius

_Damage is based off the distance from the epicenter (monster) with the most damage being closest to the monster and dissipates to 60% of the full damage at the edge.

_Thorn Burst climbs walls.

Giant Carnipod - Thorn sends a giant carnivorous plant through the ground to the target location, trapping the anything in that location for 6 seconds and dealing damage each second.

Base Stats:
_10m range
_traps hunters/wildlife for 6 seconds
_80 Damage per second for 6 seconds
_14.5 second cool down

Skill points:
100% Damage
100% Range
30% Damage
30% Range
69% Damage
69% Range

Mastery bonus:
+2%, +5%, +10% Damage

_The Giant Carnipod is affected by your skin.

_You can target higher or lower surfaces.

_When activated, large roots can be seen moving quickly along the surface to the target location.

_Giant Carnipod’s concept was based off of the carnivorous plants.

All numbers are based off of test data from the following thread.


I really do love the idea of a tree-inspired monster. Like a vicious, animalistic Ent. :smiley:


Someone came up with a similar idea, but the issue is that It probably wouldn’t really fit in with the current monsters. Although it would be unique, each monster is designed to share similar characteristics.

But honestly it depends on HOW ANIMALISTIC it would look.

That’s why I like my Thorn monster though.


How about slow healing but only if it roots into one place.


That would be incredible.

I think he’s a bit too similar to Goliath in that pic though, something more tree-like would be more fitting but that’s basically the image I have in mind.

I think it would fit in fine if especially like I said it evolved from the carnivorous plants or created them, that would cement it as part of the process that kills a planet.
It’d be cool to have to work around extra fire damage too and create dilemma between using Hunters with fire based weapons for extra damage or more versatile Hunters.


Well, the huge difference is that thorn is Rhino based.


How cool would you feel if they went with your idea :stuck_out_tongue:

For traversial or general movement I think it would be cool if he kinda “grew” in a direction, tracks could be parts of himself left behind.

Sort of like how the simbiote in Spiderman 3 moves.

Failing that it’s traversal could be stretching it’s arms forward and pulling itself in the direction, perhaps even swinging like a monkey if indoors, that would be nice and different.


A plant monster will be great, should have a natural camoflouge ability to blend in and dupe hunters for a few seconds.


I think it would be cool if instead of the standard sneak attack the planet monster captured it’s target and kept them in some kinda venus fly trap type thing for a while. So it would simply absorb them over time which could take longer than feeding to make staging up difficult.
And instead of generally shooting, Hunters have to shoot the trap thing their team mate is located in to free them.


Its be pretty cool. I tried to design Thorn within the games programmable limit and used actual numbers, ranges, distance etc, to create a realistic template for it to “inspire them”. I designed it the best I could to their specifications (granted I’m missing an ability) for that one time they see it and enjoy the idea.