Plant bug [PS4]


Walked into a plant, and upon release my Maggie glitched. To other people I was moving around like normal (apparently), but on my screen… Well you’ll see. I was trying to move the entire time, trying different directions. I would warp a little upon using my jetpack sometimes, but not always.



Well, I haven’t seen that one before.




I’ve had this happen to me before as well when I was using Bucket and posted a vid myself. Disappointing to see that it’s still happening.

Edit: Oddly enough it was the same stage as well


Did you report it? There’s only one other plant bug I’m aware of and I reported that one too. This seems like a rare bug so it will be difficult to replicate.


Sure did:

Right there. Mine shows what happens when the monster interacted with my character, too. Can’t imagine what he must’ve thought lol

Vid is in the actual thread


Never seen this one. I am pretty good at avoiding plants though. Hope I don’t come across it.


Yeah, I saw the plant but I just reacted to it late. Was arguing over the 1st dome :stuck_out_tongue: Sucks because we lose to this guy due to silly things, even though we know we can beat him. And yet again, something happens to give him a win on us…


Huh, I think I had this on Armory(?) once. I didn’t think to report it… I thought my PC was being a potato and/or lags were happening.


Months ago this happened to me on wraith trap, and like others I assumed it was a connection issue.


Connection was fine. Issue only occurred after being freed from the plant. Upon restarting evolve it was fixed. I’ve also had an issue before where I was freed from a plant to get a visual glitch (search for “plants are evil”, so I’m fairly sure this is a bug of some sort. The timing of it is too coincidental, too, for it to be connection-associated. Prior to that I had no issues, and I rarely have any lag issues (if I do, then it’s because I forgot to stop a download, or the host is in the US or something, and it affects the entire party).


On rewatching the hallucinogenic plant video, I think this may be related. It seems like the same issue but without the visual flashing.


Aahh it’s evolve dude what wouldn’t bug out…now we have a plant lol

Talking of plants I couldn’t revive a downed hunter in a plant with Laz a few months back don’t know if it was fixed.


Happened to me as Torvald, mortared the plant, walked into it for a milisecond and it blew up, this happened. I think its a glitch where you enter a plant and it gets destroyed immediately.


Both of my times the plant wasn’t destroyed immediately, so not sure that’s it. I’ve destroyed plants as a hunter gets caught and it didn’t happen. I’m curious as to how it can be replicated.


Hmm, thats odd… The couple times it has happened to me, was in that instance.


I might test this out in a custom. If it can replicate it it would be quite useful for fixing it I imagine.

Terrible when this happens in a ranked. Screwed over by a plant twice in the same day (first game hunter got stuck in plant as medic was pounced. Me and Assault were killing hp regen for denial and supp/medic didn’t hear and continued chase ;-:wink: