Plant Based Monster Ideas


So I hear you like plants. So post your ideas and let’s what you got.


am I doing it right


I think a monster based on the flora of Shear would be a cool idea!


swamp thing op


Here are some of my ideas


So I guess ill give the first serious response to this thread and explain the idea I had for a monster based on a tree.

I called it the Creeper, a very tall, very thin monster that is an even slower runner than behemoth but its traversal allows it to tunnel underground. The monsters weakspot is in its roots which it exposes while using its ability animations and while climbing. It would be more of a fragile monster much like gorgon and wraith but because its mobility is nowhere near theirs it uses its abilities to control the battlefield much like behemoth does.

Its abilities would all be plant based of course so ill explain those now. Sap Mine is the first and would probably be its most damaging ability, the Creeper would launch a large glob of glowing sap that would rest where it landed until a hunter got too close and it would then explode knocking the nearby hunters into the air and applying a DoT effect. Its size make it easy to see and avoid but its damage combined with the hunters not being able to destroy it themselves makes it a huge threat inside of domes. Spore Blast is the second ability and would send out a shockwave from the creepers body that would push the hunters away and apply a DoT which would discourage hunters from getting into the monsters face too often but because of its somewhat long cooldown it should be used wisely by a monster player otherwise you could be surrounded with no way to give yourself some breathing room.

The third ability is now called Root Rush, it was originally going to bring the hunter to the monster but since that type of ability is already used by 2 of the 5 monsters I decided this one should be a bit different. The Creeper would plunge its ‘arms’ into the ground and grab a single hunter, once the target has been snared the Creeper would pull itself to the hunter, erupting up from beneath the targets feet and doing damage while knocking them into the air. Combos extremely well with Spore Blast as the hunter would be knocked up and then blasted away.

The final ability was an acid spray but since gorgon uses that I had to come up with a new one, which i think is better and helps the monster make better use of Sap Mine. Entangle is an attack that sends out a wave of roots that catches a hunter and traps them in the wave and pushes them along the path of the roots until the attack dissipates or the hunter hits an object they can’t go through. This can be used to force a hunter into the Sap Mine or just to push them away and give the monster some space or time to run away sort of like a mix between krakens vortex and behemoths fissure.

This monster is something I’ve been thinking of since before the game was released and I’m more than happy to give TRS the freedom to use these ideas however they see fit. What do you all in the forums think of my plant monster idea??