Plans to update the app


Are there any plans to update the app? If you finished the biomes there are plenty of credits sitting around with nothing to spend them on. Plus the new hunters are out so it could work for mastery for them. Even if a few more badges for credits were added that’d be pretty neat


This is a Cat Daddy thing, not TRS


Cat Daddy might or might not add them. Their thing. TRS only provided the concepts.


Someone said Cat Daddy was owned by 2K, so it should be a simple matter to order up some changes.


Fine, its a CatDaddy/2K thing, either way TRS doesnt have control.


[citation needed]


sorry to derail your topic, but since you seem to have plenty of experience with the app can you explain to me how it works?

When you get that masteries bonus that you buy for 100/250/500, what exactly does that do for you? Do you simply have more points towards your masteries next time you load up the game or do you get like a x2 multiplier for your masteries after a match?

Also, is there no way for me to get the lv3 masteries bonus without buying the lv1 and lv2 first?


They will fill your process bar half way up if you have all of them unlocked on the app. So if you need 50 revives its will give you credit for 25 in evolve. And that is correct you have to get T1 before T2 and T2 before T3


Thanks for the info. One last question, can you increase the masteries of the monsters somehow?


2K is their production supervisor and publisher. TRS can offer and talk to 2K about what to release and make, but 2K decides what to price it and if something new comes out at all (IE merchandise). Since 2K also supervises CatDaddy, TRS takes about 33% in the call of influence. They only really can say “We want to put this stuff in, will you do it?”

(TRS still calls shots on what monsters and hunters to make and release)