Plans for resetting perks bought?


just wondering if devs have any plans to allow players to reset perks bought if they made any bad investments or want to try out another perk due to how hard it is to acquire silver.



I believe we are looking into adding refunds but it’s not currently high on the priority list.


I think it shouldn’t give 100% of the keys back, to avoid abuse, in a way players keep buying and refunding perks, changing perks on all characters without paying a penny.


It would likely be more like League of Legends’ refund system. They allow you to refund anything for the full cost (doesn’t matter if you bought with real money [RP] or the in game currency [IP]) but you are only allowed to refund 3 times per account.


i would really appreciate this quality of life option

its really hard to get the silver to unlock the perks that were already available to me as a founder b4 the f2p patch