Plans for a more interactive Twitch Channel w/bot commands


So I’m working on adding a bit more substance to my twitch channel. I’m currently setting up a rank and currency system. (The currency is called Cow Pies, or CP for short) So far here are the ranks and the methods of currency and what I plan to do with the currency.

Ranks and Titles:

0 - 249 Points = Stray
250 - 499 = Calf
500 - 999 = Livestock
1,000 - 1,499 = Oxen
1,500 - 2,499 = Cow
2,500 - 4,999 = Bull
5,000+ = Battle Cattle

Point Breakdown:

  • You currently earn 50 points for following.
  • You earn 50 points if you conduct a ‘raid’ on my channel with your channel’s population.
  • Hosting me you get 10
  • Every 15 minutes you get 4 points by watching me live. You get an extra 1 point on top of that (For a total of 5) if you are active and chatting. So this equates to 16-20 points per hour during live streams.
  • Every 60 minutes when I am offline you get 4 points just for being in that channel. Basically leaving the tab open when I’m offline.

Some of the things I intend to do with my currency include:

  • Playing sound effects when I stream (Such as trombone womp womp) when I fail, or kool aid’s “Oh Yeah” for something awesome.
  • Spending a large amount (Maybe around 1k, not sure) to suggest a game for me to play during my alternate game days.
  • Betting on matches
  • Purchasing raffle tickets (So you can have more tickets to try and win with, though there is a cap, I don’t want to scare non regulars from participating)
  • Fling ‘poo’ at other players. This will give a funny message and the recipient will retain 25% (Or so) of the poo that was flung. This allows newcomers to be pelted with ‘poo’ when they join the ‘Herd’ for a quick boost in rank/points.
  • I also intend to have double/triple poo days for extra special streams.

I’m wondering if you guys have any comments/suggestions/tweaks. My goal is to try and get some more interaction in my channel with those that wish to use this currency system.


I absolutely love it. Except I have a question and a thought. My question is how do we earn the CP? Then my thought is can’t people idle points by leaving the tab open?


I don’t mind people leaving a tab open. It helps viewership anyway. I was thinking about awarding more points for people being active, like 3 points every 15 mins instead of 4 and a +2 bonus instead of +1 for being active. So a 40% increase on points for being active, but I’m not completely sold on that just yet.


Oh I thought those were for the Rank system. Ah well I still love it.

Do followers already earn those 50 points?


I’m not too sure tbh. If not I can manually add them as needed.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t know that any of this was possible and I am kinda blown away! :cow:


I’m already finding a few limitations (Mostly the flinging poo at a specific person, instead you can have a ‘poo’ fight in which it’s random who lives and gets rewards) But the rest just needs a bit of tweaking :slight_smile:


It’s insane that all of that can be tracked and programmed. Or maybe not, I am a total noob when it comes to twitch.


It’s actually very similar to the Evolve randomizer I made. It’s basically a glorified spreadsheet that is updated in real time and can spit out things with macros/commands.


Suddenly it all makes sense.


insane, complex, amazing, interesting, and excitable that’s how that makes me feel. Maybe a clap too


Wait, so people can’t just unfollow and follow again? Or does your score reset when you unfollow?


It only counts once. I’ve already had people who previously follow me try to do that.