Planning to make a blueprint/tactical map for all the levels


I like to talk tactics and strategies about a game. TF2, Dawn of war 2, Battlefield etc. And in my spare time I like to draw maps for the most common played levels from these games.

So, I’m of course planning to do the same for Evolve! I’ve tried to make them based on the gameplay footage from E3 but I don’t think I can get an accurate picture of the game when I’m not in control of the camera myself.

So, once I get the game (or into the alpha/beta if it comes along for me) I will start drawing maps ASAP and post them here for all you folks! I hope that will help you with strategizing.

I know these are just a lot of empty words right now. So I’ll post a simple map of the generator area on the dam map soon!


Really looking forward to see these, but be careful if you’re getting into the Alpha so as to avoid a breach of it. Would really like to see something before the alpha shows up and you can’t post anything


I know, I won’t post them until the game is released/in beta. But should I get in the alpha I can already start making them for the two maps that are gonna be in the alpha.


You will be able to make them, and share them. BUT you must post it in the private Alpha category that you will get access to if you get an Alpha invite


Aww, I might have to make a map of the Dam from E3 myself then


Well like i said, I will post them as soon as the game is out or in beta. And trust me, im quite detailed when it comes to these sort of things :slight_smile:


Awesome, can’t wait to see :slight_smile:


Technically you don’t have to put the Dam blueprint in the Alpha thread because its already been shown entirely at E3… :wink:


you know whats gonna be hard? this map has a lot of ups and downs. you might have to do second level and upper level map layouts.


Don’t worry, I’ve got that figured out. Trust me I’ve done this quite a few times in games. Shame that I lost all my previous maps since I don’t play the games anymore :frowning:


I can’t wait to see those maps man your awesome!


It would be interesting if it was on transparent paper then you could have each level of the map overlap


Sounds good! Looking forward to what you have in store for us! :smiley:


I look forward to seeing them. Is wildlife always in the same position? Knowing where that is (or the chance of it being) will be huge from a strategical point of view.


I believe wildlife locations are somewhat randomized, though I think certain creatures have preset spawns like the tyrant, others are more random.


Awesome, these will be really useful for planning out my eating routes. :meat_on_bone: Thanks for dedicating your time to make these @Alex_Versnel, we’ll be looking forward to them. I bet they will end up being used as the main image for people to paint on plans and tactics. Lets just hope everyone can keep it in the alpha testers section. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im pretty sure there are certain zones that always contain ‘dangerous’ wildlife. If you look at the E3 footage, certain spots almost always had a doombeetle or a megamouth. And the caves seemed to always contain Reavers for instance. Im pretty sure even the big giraffe-like creatures (forgot there names) were kinda in the same spots. Just the little 3/2 meat snacks scurry around and spawn randomly.


Your more than welcome. I’m working on a small prototype for the generator area of the dam map. It’s tough to add the multiple layers in though, but ill get around it.


DUNE beetle and desert nomad lol


Hmmm, well if you are using photoshop, you could create a new layer, and paint in the different colored layers using a low opacity brush. I want to post an example, but I can’t seem to find the example picture I was looking for. Just try to keep a theme, like darker colors for lower levels, lighter colors for higher levels.