Planning on getting an Evolve Tattoo


Ive put alot of hours into evolve, but thats not the reason ive made this decision. Ive made this decision because the character design in evolve is superb (and I really like the game). This will not be a simple lick and stick 100$ tattoo of a footprint, this will be a full color character portrait that will easily cost over 500$. I am currently undecided between getting VAL or CAIRA tattooed on my leg or (If i dont wuss out) on the ribs.

The best photos of these characters can be found on the main menu, im actaully not too much of a fan of many pictures of val, except on the main menu in full HD, here is a few photos of val from the main menu that im considering. The problem with these photos is that they are cut off from the edge of the screen, so an artist would have to draw in the missing parts (not too hard with the right reference material)

and here are some photos of caira that im considering giving to my artist…

once again the missing parts would have to be drawn in by hand. I havent made the appointment yet, but i do have the money saved, and it would be at least a month wait to get an apointment with my artist. I will update this thread with photos as it would have to be multiple sessions as well.

People have said im crazy for doing this, but its not my first tattoo and i know what I like, its less about the game and more about the wonderful character designs of these medics.



Val 2 is a pretty good shot, and Val is visually very iconic…would you want it to be a full body shot or are you okay with the legs cut off?



im planning on the full portrait, like i said would have to get the legs and/or sniper rifle drawn by the artist, which wouldnt be too hard because you can see her legs/gun in other pics so its just a matter of peicing it together



get a full portrait of image val2. Find some full body pictures I’m sure you’ll figure it out.



You should totes get Val! :heart:

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DUDE, get the Tattoo that Hank has on his arm, thatd be awesomeee
(Although I agree with Slab, Val 2 is nice, though I’d personally go with Wraith ^.-)



lmao, what tattoo does hank have?



^ Dis
Shins is better quality >_>



No white background on this one. ^.^

Allows you to see what areas of the ivy aren’t filled in normally.



That would be cool to have hanks tattoo but val is just so much more pretty than that :slight_smile: u should contact YOUR artist shin, lol



I don’t want a tattoo. O.o



Val #2 would be the most visually appealing but a good artist could also place the #2 image with Caira’s pose in the last image. This way you get Val, but with a little more teased-sexiness thrown in.

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That’s a good idea I didn’t think of that, it could be possible since my artist actually specializes in "video game"and comic tattoos, he’s done sweet tooth, wolverine and stuff, I’ll post the appointment date when I make it, prob In a couple weeks ( goin on vacation soon)



Any missing parts can be filled in from here:



Holey Moley I didn’t know about this fx thread, those images are invaluable for this, thank you so much!!



I commend you for your dedication and taste in character design.

Though before just jumping into an “oh this I’ve looks awesomer!” mindset, think whether or not this’ll be a solo piece or a collage in the end. Then remember to choose what will go best with that. If it’s a solo piece, Val2, sure. If it’ll be part of a larger piece some day, maybe one that’s less front-and-center since she’s really not the leader.

Just a bit of an artistic perspective from the long term.



Go Behemoth or go home.



A Goliath tattoo would be so awesome. I love all the character design in this game, he looks so cool when he roars in the menu when you’re choosing him.



Dick my tattoo is pretty sweet!

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I like val2 and caira1 always loves caira’s character