Planning On Buying The Game?


Do it.

If you’ve come here seeking answers after all the controversy surrounding DLC, hopefully this thread will shed some light on the situation. Here goes…

If you’ve come this far, you’ve likely read the reviews on Steam… I want to urge you straight away to ignore Steam. There comes a point when there is a difference between a fair negative, and jumping on the hate wagon… Steam crossed this point before release day and has been swarming with haters ever since. That, and the way Steam grants children the ability to harm a game’s reputation, and potentially the company behind the game is obsurd.

Secondly… The way the media has portrayed this game is also rather biased towards hate. I’ve seen countless articles claiming ‘Day 1 DLC’ and ‘Not enough content’. First off, there is no Day 1 DLC here. There never was. There is a store in game, listed at the bottom of the main menu, a standard button like the rest. It doesn’t even have a flashing ‘NEW!’ tag like most others out there. It’s not in your face, you don’t have to buy anything if you choose not too. Something which articles seem to dwell upon is the claim of this game made specifically to Leech your savings…

Now, I want to bring another game into the picture here… I’m not hating, I actually play this game a lot so it’s something I’ve picked up on.

How much money do you think Team Fortress 2 has made in Hat sales? (DLC) Think about that for a minute. I’ve found items in the store in that game exceeding $10 to plop a little hat upon your characters head. If you aren’t careful, this is what the media does to you. It masks these things from you, notice how it never brings up other titles (Other than Titanfall, surprise, surprise) to compare against.

Then we come to the claims of not enough content in this game… This game, when it comes down to it has 70+ hours of gameplay if you wish to level up all the existing roles and characters, thus unlocking skins for them in the process. In my time playing, (70 hours) I’ve completed 2 full masteries out of the 15 characters in this game…

If you rely on Steam or Media articles to provide your views on titles, you’ll miss out on a lot of fun many times.



amen. been playing since launch. not hardcore but a good amount.

not a single elite skin. working on a bunch but im so focused on teaching others or rolling with my team of friends to sway the op wraith crap in the hunters favor. its just too fun. buttclenching moments where you have no idea whats about to happen in the next 3 seconds.


It’s a really good game, but because the Media and Steam reviews are biased it’s suffering hate from every angle…


And what about the bugs?


Thats something that people need to understand will be fixed eventually, TRS have already stated they are releasing an update soon with bug fixes and balancing.


But it´s also something that people planning on buying the game need to know about…
Steam reviews focus on the bad things only. You focus on the good things. A good review covers both in my oppinion…


Yes, I understand that. I’m trying to convince people to see through these bad points that Steam and the Media are dwelling on so much.

I’m trying to counter the bad reviews that people will likely have read already by highlighting the good parts.