Planning Ahead: My Goals With Evolve


Hello forum,

First of all I would like to announce that this a thread for serious thought about how you feel about the game and the forum and what potential goals you have for Evolve and for the forum.

Ever since I bought (on pre-order) the game Evolve on February 10th of this year I have become somewhat obsessed with everything about this game. However, I was terrible at it :joy: So shortly after, I decided to look over the forums to see if I could learn some techniques or advice on gameplay. What further caught my attention was on Turtle Rocks main website they encouraged players to email them or join the forum. Well this peaked my curiosity because I also wanted to make suggestions to what I wanted to see in the game. So, February 12th, I decided to go ahead and join the forums.

Well, my first thread was a disaster and no body liked my idea but I shrugged it off and continued posting and trying to put my name out there to meet new people. Only after a week there were people I was talking to regularly and I recognized that this was no ordinary forum “This is the best forum” (yes i said that quote in Markovs voice don’t hate :wink: ) The community was so open, so inviting, MOSTLY polite lol, and I was amazed that the Developers were even responding to goofy threads and serious threads alike rather than posting bulletins and leaving us to our own devices. I became enamored with this forum along with the game; everything about Evolve was an experience I had never expected, yet, it turned into something far greater than I could have ever imagined.

Today, April 20th of 2015 I now have new friends I trust and a desire to actually help this game and community thrive and expand. So with that being said I will now go into my goals/where I see myself another six months down the road in Evolve and on these forums.


  • I hope to have all characters mastered
  • I plan to continue participating in community events
  • Should T5 be ready and out by then I’m getting them and mastering those :3
  • I plan to develop a way to increase sales of Evolve at my workplace and in general
  • I plan to join PC and begin live streaming and start a YouTube Channel

Note: It is my privilege to have become a Regular on the first forum I’ve ever joined in such a fantastic community, which leads me to the following:

  • I will be polite and as helpful as possible to all forum members
  • I will help the leaders and moderators better organize this forum
  • I will always promote positivity in hopes to retain fellow forum members

While another forum goal of mine is to achieve the position of Leader to further contribute to this community, that is simply not a position I am entitled to within any time period so it cannot be listed within the short term goals.

So, feel free to post about your experience with this game and this community, and what this game and forum mean to you.

Thank you for your time,
:monster: :assault: :medic: :trapper: :support:

P.S. Be sure to check out @MaddCow’s Twitch and YouTube Channels if you’re needing help or advice on the game.

Maddcows Twitch

He also offers community coaching (PC atm) every Thursday and Saturday and I’ll link the thread about the details here:

Becoming One With The Forums

I’m hoping that I reach Regular soon myself. In terms of everything else I want to graduate high school and get a job.



@TheMountainThatRoars was able to send me a link showing how to achieve Regular when I was aiming for it. Could you post it again Mountain?

School is always a number one priority ^.^ the jobs will be easy to come by but not that much payoff in my experience, I’d focus on college right after that my friend


I :heart: me some Jesus


It’s a screenshot but here you go. It’s the same for all discourse forums.


Muchas Gracias my Brony Leader


My goals for Evolve:

  • Continue Coaching with the Community and hoping it takes off and we get a large roster and help the community become a better gamer :smile:

  • Actually play more Monster games. I get a lot of requests and rarely get time and/or I feel bad crushing pugs.

  • Getting a good Juking Daisy video up.

  • Attending another tournament in the future. (Not super high on the list, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the challenges)

  • Redacted due to **&&#&$@

Goals for the forum:

  • Help clean and organize this.

  • Increase knowledge among those that vidis.


I’ve done all of those already though and that’s what worries me about why I don’t have it


And I’m already accepted to college so not much to worry about there


That’s general for discourse, TRS may have modified requirements.

Either way, if you’re reading everything it should appear eventually.


Boom! thats awesome bro :wink:


Oh stahp it Popo, you’re too kind ^.-
I love these forums, these forums are the best place on the internets, and I love all of you ^.^ Also my lust for power is insatiable, I shall become ultimate Illuminati and sieze control, just a matter of time >:3

PS: I’m totes finishing elites before you, almost done with Slim and hes pretty much impossible, so good luck m8, you’re gonna need it ;p


See I can do it too :wink: lol

Otherwise the feels r the same here broham, the feels are the same

You probably are, I’m too embarrassed to admit my masteries but I will say that my priorities have been on College Work and getting engaged #winning


Oh right, have you done that asking of the marriage yet?!? Or is it still postponed cuz of mother nature?


Post the link to your live stream page here, I’d like a link to it ^.^


It’s officially on Friday my friend


MaddCow’s Twitch Channel




I’m going to put it in the OP for people to check out