Planetbase (PC) Releases Oct. 16!

So a bunch of youtubers got early access to this game and there’s loads of videos which have me hyped right up for this game.

Is essentially a game where you build a colony on another planet. You make metal, Plastic, medical supplies, food, robots, weapons and more.

Im a huge fan of builder games, so I’m very excited for this. I dont know how many of you have played “Sol 0” this is basically Sol 0 on steroids, better graphics and tech trees.

Havent been this hyped for a builder game since skylines

Will be 20$ with a discount on friday Oct 16

This looks bad ass!!! I don’t have a good PC, only a shitty laptop, need to get a gaming PC as soon as I can. Do you battle other colonies, or aliens?

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Somtimes your colony will get an armed intruder and they try to kill your colonists, but if you have a security room with a security console, your armed guards will fight them to the death

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Sounds and seems like a few other games ive seen

That’s bad ass. :smiley:
Do you know how small your colony begins with? Like does it start in the low hundreds, or do you start with 10 people who each have names and personality and such? Im going to watch the video right now, sorry for my questions, this just sounds awesome. I love builder games, Simcity was a lot of fun, though the newest one had limited things to do in my opinion. I can’t WAIT for Starcraft 2, Legacy of the Void, Starcraft is one of my favorite franchises ever. It will probably be one of the first games I get whenever I get a decent PC.

one of the achievements in the game is to reach a population of 300 humans (Robots don’t count), i think you start with 2 workers, 2 engineers, a bioligist and a medic and 2 robots

I love builder games too!

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Duuuude, I watched the video, love it!!! I didn’t like how in Simcity, you had all these Sims, but none of them had super specific roles, or personality. I love how in this game, you do only start with like 8 or 9 people, who each specializes in a certain subject. that’s awesome!!! :smiley:
I think games are more fun when you can build a relationship with your little people, I could see myself getting upset when my first Biologist died, because you only have so many, you know? In games where you start with 100+ people, you don’t really get to know them individually, or care much if you lose a few people because you probably didn’t see those individuals much. This looks like a lot of fun!!! I wonder what the robots are for, it says “build an army of robots”. :open_mouth:

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3 types of robot, carrier, builder, driller

Carriers carry things leaving your humans to do actual work

Builders build and repair so your engineers dont have to as much

and drillers will mine for your workers, mining accidents happen half as often with robots

your robots will break down, and an engineer has to fix it

it is also possible to get “irreversible damage” where your robot basically dies

That’s awesome. :smiley:
I love a good builder game. Did you ever play Alpha Centauri? It was made a long time ago, but this reminds me of it, without the enemies or turn based gameplay.

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Joy! Another cool looking RTS style game I won’t have any idea how to play :sweat_smile:

No I’ve never played that but ive heard of it, you should check out “Sol 0” its basically the same as this but the graphics and depth arent as good and its only 3.99$

but planetbase will completely destroy sol 0

I’ll check it out!!! Wish I had a PC capable of playing games. My laptop won’t even play Heroes of the Storm. :cry:
Only things I can play on it are super old games like Warcraft 3, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and such. Super lame.

  • emphatically wants to post his kick ass specs but cant due to fear of thread derailment *

Hahaha it’s your thread, derail as much as you want. :sunglasses:

I think im exactly


for this game than I was yesterday

still 24 hrs until release, then i have to wait to get off work on friday to play

is this what eternity feels like?

watching videos of people play is torture too

The dev said the game will release:

martino [developer] 5 hours ago
We will release this at 0:00 GMT (1:00 AM UK Friday, 5:00 PM PST Thursday)

Which is in less than an hour!!

steam still says 8 hours so this is gunna be ineteresting, hopefully the steam page makes it available at that time