Planetary scanner and stealth


Do something with a planetary scanner at the trapper, stealth monster is killed just because of this, and it is very easy to find and catch. And return to its former schedule!


That’s the whole point. To find a hiding monster.


This was done because hiding monsters literally ruined the game.

Stealth is a crap mechanic when it has to be the potential to be as strong as it was.

Stealth now works in bursts. You can get some of your meter now. Not the whole thing.


In older Evolve, finding the monster was often an endeavor of good RNG (or bad if the monster), stealth was more of a broken tactic than a strategy. With this new Trapper ability, it helps remove the RNG element from Stage 1 hunting, as well as making stealth more skillful when used properly.


Planet Scanner is fine, but I think the cooldown for it needs to be increased a bit. Trappers still have their own kit to use to find the monster while PS is on cooldown. I mean it’s not like you can miss a dome anyways.


This. I agree with this.


You can still be stealthy but now you have to rely on cover properly, which is better to do anyway as a stealthy monster, use it for quick jukes and double backs, the point is to be evasive not hide in one spot until the match ends.


Stealth is still possible. Wait for the scanner and continue your path, when it runs out stealth and go down a DIFFERENT path. I have stealthed right past hunters before (they were on top of the cliff I was crouched behind). You can cover a lot of distance in 30 seconds of hunters going the wrong way


PS needs a longer CD