Planet Scanner


I think it is OP as fck cuz even if u want to go backwards them when they get dropped by the ship, they always get to see your position.
PD: When im a hunter the particles put the game at 5 fps every time, pls fix this


Well all Trappers will release the Planet Scanner so it’s best not to sneak and get away as far as possible.


I do agree, the planet scanner is pretty OP. The cooldown should probably be increased to like 45 seconds or so. Also, the 5 fps you get isn’t the game’s fault, it’s your’s for trying to run such an intensive game on a computer that cant run it.


I own a radeon 7800 series, and the game runs pretty smooth most of the time except when the trapper uses the planet scanner XD


Just play as a hunter. No as a monster. Then you will realize that even the scanner will not help


I don’t understand your post at all


And laggy


You can use the planet scanner against the hunters a little bit. I was able to run in a certain direction while I saw it was active and right when it turns off scare some birds then sneak the other direction.

I found that most hunters are relying on the scanner so much that you can trick them with it.


yea, I don’t have Stage 2 but the concept seems pointless. Sneaking is completely pointless in the beginning so your forced to do an aggressive run. Thats one thing I like about Legacy is that you can chose to either run right away or sneak