Planet Scanner Too Strong?



So first off, let me introduce myself.

I’m Crimson, I’ve been playing Evolve since the Stage 1 release and a bit of the beta before that. I’m familiar with Legacy and the new Stage 2 update and have been comparing the changes between the two from the mindset of a game developer.

I studied game art and design in college but I will not say that it makes me superior in any way, just that I have a different way of looking at things. Apologies if I may come across as seeming superior.

With the Stage 2 update, there have been a lot of things that I’ve found frustrating or underwhelming as I’ve been playing but nothing has compared to the Planet Scanner ability for the Trapper.

Planet Scanner

  • Every 30 seconds, the Trapper can scan the area and notify all Hunters of the “general” location of the monster

Personally I feel that this ability in itself ruins a good part of what made Evolve fun in Stage 1. Not only does it remove the stealth tactic for monsters, but because of the traversal ability buff for monsters, it also fails to solve the flee to 3 strategy for monsters (which I have been on the receiving end of a couple of times, and yes I was trying to cut off the monster).

The other issue I have with the ability is that it makes most of the unique tracking skills of each Trapper almost useless for most of the characters and makes them nothing more than crowd control bots with some damage. Jack and Griffin have no reason to bother placing a survey satellite/sound spike and Abe and Crow can use their abilities to help make the scan better but are not required to bother with them as the Planet Scanner does their job for them. Maggie is the only exception as both versions of Daisy provide a good buff for the hunters when tracking/fighting the monster (Vanilla gives a movement speed buff and Wasteland deals damage).

I feel that while the Planet Scanner was a step in the right direction, it’s simply too good right now.

One idea I would like to see from the Planet Scanner would be to split it into two parts.

Part 1: Make the class ability of Trappers a massive team movement speed boost with a moderate cooldown.
Part 2: When a “friendly” creature (Trapjaws, Spotters, etc) find the monster, have it ping the map for the hunters.

Part 1 acts like a gap closer to help the hunters catch the monster before it flees to keep the pace of the game shorter than the 20-30 minute hide and seek game it was in Stage 1 and the moderate cooldown means it has to be used strategically (Do I use it to try and rush the monster down or wait and use it when I know where it is/going or save it to escape when everyone else dies?).

Part 2 makes it easier to find the monster but also allows monster to play more stealthy. It also means that the unique tracking skills are important again and don’t just augment a 30 second monster ping. With “friendly” creatures able to spot the monster it also means the monster can’t always be stealthy. Stealth may fool the birds, but it doesn’t fool Trapjaws and Spotters.

Anyhow, that’s just my idea on the current balance of Planet Scanner and my thoughts on a possible fix.

TL;DR - Go read the post… Planet Scanner too strong, Possible change listed above.

P.S. I miss the old tutorial videos for each character :frowning: also a little tutorial video on the mobile arena (how many remember that’s the name of the dome?) could be useful. It really sucks when a skilled player recognizes a monster’s trap, calls it out (in voice or text chat) and a newer player falls for it by dropping the arena simply because they don’t know.

Planet Scan Nerf

The simple reasoning for the PS is so the game (specifically Trapper role) is more new player friendly.

As for its balance, I cannot answer as I am bound to Legacy


Right, I get that most of the changes were aimed at making it more “new player friendly” but my major point is how underwhelming the Trapper role is because of it.

When I played Stage 1, I loved playing Griffin and putting down a line of sound spikes to cut the map in half and find the monster and playing Crow, using gobi to scout one area while I looked in another but now with the PS, I just feel like the class was almost gutted.


While you are entitled to your own opinion… I want to clarify why it was added. Back in Legacy Evolve (stage 1) new hunters had a really rough time tracking the monster. This lead to monsters being able to exploit FT3. This gave new players the mindset of the game being a “running simulator” since there were never any fights.

Planet scanner is there to help direct trapper in the right direction, not pinpoint the monster and be the only method of tracking. It’s there to point players in the right direction.

Back to what I said about FT3, only 1/5 players would be having fun in the game, and that 1 player was always the monster. This was a toxic mechanic and thus stealth was removed, even for supports, who’s cloaks were replaced.

The Planet Scanner is fine where it’s at imo. It’s not a primary tracking tool, only a starter and correction tool.


Im on the “its fine” train.

Heavy stealth games sucked. A lot. Now stealth gets you jukes/distance to eat and work on some of your evolve meter- Not all of it. You can get plenty with a decent juke.


I completely agree with your thoughts on the intention of the Planet Scanner and the fact that FT3 was a toxic strategy for monsters. I just feel that right now the cooldown is way too short for it to be a correction tool.

I feel that the idea I followed with is a good alternative as it would make the “friendly” creatures an extra pair of eyes for the hunters and also make them more useful than just monster food or cannon fodder.

Also the stealth I’m talking about is the “sneaky” walking mode all monsters can use, not the invisibility used by old Wraith and Supports :slight_smile:


Agreed. I remember playing against the stealth tactic and it sucked (unless you had Daisy) but with the new Mobile Arena (which I like and think should stay) the hunters only need to catch clear sight of a monster in the corner of his/her screen and you can drop the dome. This makes juking incredibly difficult to pull off and even then, another 15-20 seconds later you get scanned again.


Any longer and you get monsters who can juke the hunters once and they get a free evolution like @Sidewaysgts said about stealth currently.

Well if the trapper wasn’t Mags or Jack, the monster could crouch in a bush while the hunters walk by. I’ve done it several times as Kraken with Bog skin back in Legacy.


Oh god, I remember how much I felt Jade Bob was strong!

I’m loving the feedback though and I came up with another idea for a change that more resembles the current scanner.

Planet Scanner

  • Sends a series of pulses (3-4) out from the trapper’s location to scan for the monster. Pings the monster on the compass briefly (about 3 seconds) once scanned. Moderate cooldown (45-60 seconds). Each pulse provides a short movement speed buff for the Hunters.

It would require a bit of a change to Jack’s Survey Satellite though (too similar)…


That is a wonderful example of multiplayer stealth, that could be fun for both people. I am suggesting that Trappers are, currently, only good for their ability to press the 4 key, and he wants that not to be the case. Trappers are kitted out to be able to find the monster without that in the first place, with the Planet Scan meant to be a correction tool, not a guide, as was said. Making the CD longer on it would make the Trappers using their other abilities more useful, and make the role a bit more skill oriented/interesting to play.

So, for example, the Trapper uses the Planet Scanner and it says the Monster is over here, so everyone goes that way. The Monster knows this, and hides in a bush or whatever as needed. Crow uses Gobi and it puts an outline on the monster, Daisy dashes over to a bush and howls, Griffin’s Sound Spikes show him to you but he doesn’t know, these are all ways that are more balanced for both advanced and newer players. Plus it just makes the Trapper AND Monster roles more enjoyable to play as a whole.


I would definitely like to see the planet scanner reduced in it’s power, tremendously. As is, it’s too good a crutch to allow for very much counterplay to it. You might just be happily eating and then “Tracked by planet scanner.” Followed by no other choice but to quickly relocate or fight.

A couple I’d like to see to it:

  • Longer Cooldown
    A scan every thirty seconds of this strength is too much, and removes the need for a trapper to pay attention to the game(the fantastic sound design, little details of monster travel like broken vegetation or corpses) It overall makes the game feel a little bit more shallow and not as engaging for that class.

  • Vaguer Scan
    This is already implemented in the red pulse around the compass, and I’d like to see the scan shift a little bit more towards a vaguer system. A single second of the ability to see through walls would be a good change, rather than the full five(?) second it has now, more like a pulsing radar scan(This would nessecitate the outlines remaining a couple of seconds after the scan happened). The highlighting through the wall could also produce more of a vague reddish blob for the monster instead, nondescript in size and a little fuzzy to confuse if it’s truly the monster or a different hostile creature.

Hell, you could even add perks that refine the scan in various ways to offset this, meaning that if someone wants a better scan, they sacrifice jetpack/movesspeed/damage/armor in order to do so.


Exactly! :smiley: That is my currently thoughts on Trappers right now.


Good Ideas but the perks thing would be really hard as it sounds like more of a class specific perk. I can’t see an assault or medic needing a perk like that.


I would be very happy to see all of the x-ray silhouettes gone from the Planet Scan ability. The Scan is meant to show you where you should be facing, not tell you exactly where the monster is, even if kinda nearby. In my opinion, it does completely demolish the idea of stealth and subtracts from the variability and enjoyably of the Monster gameplay.

But, I suppose this one is a bit more arguable.


The planet scanner is fine itself. I only think the cooldown should be 40-45 seconds.


Even with the planet scanner - several games I’ve watched on twitch and played - monster gets to phase 2 without a hit.


How is that fun for hunters? The monster could potentially get a free evolution from that. Thus the game spirals down the toxic FT3 path.

Then you need to learn how to play trapper properly. Trappers control the CC in a dome, potentially keeping teammates alive.

Plant Scan is simply a tool to point trapper in the right direction. It is not used as a tool to track the monster, especially not replacing any trappers main tool of tracking.

The planet scanner will lead you to where the monster was, not 30 seconds from now. Trappers need to figure out a way to cut the monster off, and thus has other tools available for doing so.

People, stop making planet scan out to be a Gansel and Grettle form of breadcrumbs that the monster leaves behind.


But, the Monster already does that. It doesn’t matter though, because the Planet Scan half the time shows Hunters the exact location of the Monster, so you don’t even need those breadcrumbs. Using Maggie as a prime example, when is the last time you looked to poor old Daisy for guidance, because I can guarantee that is hasn’t been since Planet Scan was a thing. I am not saying Planet Scan should be removed, I am saying that it takes too much spotlight from the character.

Right now, all you need to find Monster every time unless it bypasses significant amounts of food, glance around for tracks to see the direction Monster is going, press 4, spread enough to not be holding hands and walk forward.



If you don’t follow Daisy than the monster has the possiblity to juke you. But wait, you said that monsters can’t juke(stealth) now because of planet scanner. This is where people fail to grasp the logic behind the planet scanner. You think you can rely on it too much and you think monsters can’t juke because of it.


It’s very hypocritical of you to say that monsters can’t juke(stealth) because of planet scanner but the planet scanner makes all trappers 3rd ability useless.

Since you want to make allocations like this how about you back it up with evidence? Record a game where you can track a decent monster player off planet scanner alone. Then you can come back and say how every trappers 3rd ability is completely and utterly useless.


Except you see the monster’s exact location trough the wall.