Planet Scanner in a separate game mode


Ok then! We all know Planet Scanner makes game as hunters easier, and its most spammed ability as Trapper making no time or space for monster to use any stealth.
(well, Kraken and Wraith can just run around map until stage 3 xD )
So here is my idea: making separate “casual/easy” game mode for players who start adventure with this game, so its easier for them to win.
But let’s dont put monster in slight disadvantage. Make smell range 200%-250% and it would be ok. ( smell buff avaliable, but can be shorter and give like additional 50%-75% ? )
So: Easy mode - Planet Scanner active, smell range increased, armor regen from eating increased ( optional )
Normal mode - Planet Scanner not available, dome deployed manually by Trapper, Smell range normal, armor regen normal
Ranked - puts knowledge you gained playing normal mode to use.
Thanks for reading and i hope somebody agrees on that with me xD
(so excuse my english if there are any mistakes)


just feel like its fine just give it more then 30 sec downtime so its a ability to use to find it when your closing in insted of just a spam buttom


So… Remove one of the newly deployed Class-Specific Skills?

Honestly, It’d be easy as snot to make it so that it wasn’t quite as broken. Drop the time the direction of the monster appears on the compass to about 1 second at most and then remove the X-Ray / Everything becomes visual overlay Trappers get.

Dome is fine as it is, honestly. Hunters aren’t always the one who finds the Monster, and with how fast ALL of the Monsters are at traversing the terrain, it would make the game a bit meh to try and constantly have the Trapper be the one who catches the Monster first (Then again, that would mean that the Trapper would have to always be the one actively using thought. xP).

Scent doesn’t need a buff. If it got any more range it wouldn’t make sense.

You’re english is fine. One tip for the future is ‘Lets Don’t’ isn’t proper. ‘Lets not.’ :D. Literally the only mistake you made!


This is some kind of solution too, but still, Planet Scanner makes some Trapper abilities useless, like Daisy and Jack’s Scanner, even Griffin’s Sound Spikes are not used as often as they should be


I’ve never once played a game where the Sound Spikes were not useful, or not used. Whenever I’ve played with a Griff, they always put them at different points on the map that are fairly good run away and lose the Hunters points.

I think Crow’s Gobi needs a buff though. Faster flight and longer range maybe? Make the Trapper’s Class Skill a Tether or something?



Mechanics in this game were somewhat better in the “Stage 1” if i can call it like that, where it required to stay close to each other more that it is now. Then the trapper was one to trap the monster and the one to blame if he screwed up xD

Longer (waaaay longer) cooldown on Scanner or maybe even limited uses, like 3 for each respawn or more for whole game? Maybe limited range just like smell? This could do it, but still, Turtle Rock made it easier in Stage 2 :V

Mentioning Griff’s Sound Spikes, maybe it was just my “luck” for finding teammates xD
Gobi really could use a buff :F its super helpful skill implemented to game and if you are a good Crow player you dont even have to spam 4


Monsters with half decent jukes are still often able to evolve to 2 before first dome even with planet scanner…you think every game should be hide and seek until monster is 3? LOL. This game is called Evolve not Devolve.


Well… old evolve had it that way ;D

  • i really think Turtle Rock would add something to make life harder for monster in case he has full stealth option, perhaps more food needed to stage up


Perhaps if they’d just remove the outline feature it has, and then perhaps increase the cooldown a little, it would be balanced?

As a very enthusiastic Goliath player, I personally think it’s only a tiny, tiny, tiny bit over the top because of the xray feature. With a couple of tiny tweaks, it could be absolutely perfect.


Thats what I’m saying. Remove the X-ray, reduce the time it keeps the monster’s area highlighted on the compass. And you’re golden. Don’t even touch the cooldown. Think about it. Good Trapper’s ping, and then tell the team where they see the Monster 'West. Far west. Other End of the Map on the west. Satan’s Armpit stains on his shirt for Stabbing WESTWARD ’ you get my point.


I beg to differ fro Griffin. I find him the most useful. i use 2 spikes to dissect the map into 2 zones. after the 1st sighting of the monster, i will know he’s either in zone A or B at any time. This cuts down a huge area i need to potentially cover. the 3rd spike i save it for use in dome battles against sneaky monster players.


Yes, I agree. Just removing the X-ray and reducing the time it keeps you highlighted would, I think, make ambushing, juking and even stealthing more fair for the monster without having a real impact on Hunters.








A good idea for a seperate game mode. Reverse the roles. Make the prey as predator. however, the Monster will devolve over a certain criteria (time? hunters achieving some objective? Monster’s inability to engage in comat over X time?) The Devolve game mode



(I can’t think of anything else.)


Well, outline is most broken thing in Scanner.
The problem is ability to press 4 just to see general direction while monster is in Dome, as a Gorgon and Kraken player, that pisses me off sometimes.
Keeping highlight on compass only for Trapper perhaps?
Making Scanner unusable in dome, that would make players rely on their trapper’s gadgets if monster is stealthy?

Separate modes would be a good idea to see how it works tho…
Hardcore hunt, the real stuff xD


I-… I… I would play the fuck out of that game mode.


EW NO. GOD NO. Scan all the time or nothing.

Scanner still only points in a direction, so you wall-ceiling-corner Gorgon’s are safe.

Why would that affect Kraken, at all? Do you hide in corners to lightning blast people? Are you the Evolve equivalent of CoD Shotgun-Corner-Campers?