Planet Scan Nerf


Maybe this is just me but I feel like the trapper’s planet scan ability is alittle too strong. A lot of the fun of Evolve is having to actually track the monster through foot prints and animal corpses, but what’s the point in doing that when every few seconds you get a button that just shows you where the monster is? Its a very simple ability so there isnt really a whole lot to do in terms of nerfing it, but maybe don’t remove it from the game entirely. Maybe have it work like Jack’s Satellite, where rather than just show you where the monster is no matter where you are on the map, it just marks all the wildlife in the area. I don’t know what else there is to do about Planet Scan, I just think it’s alittle too powerful and makes playing Monster needlessly difficult to the point where if you aren’t already amazing at monster, there’s no hope for you cause no matter how hard you try stay hidden till you evolve, the Hunters can just push a button and know exactly where you are, what direction you’re going, and what you’re currently doing.


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Even whith the planet scan the monsters can easily become stage 2 without even 1 dome. So no, it isnt fun for the hunters to be running like idiots without playing the game.