Placement marker missing


And they keep coming!

This on is very bad bug, because I can’t see where I’m throwing buoys.


Have you tried restarting your pc and verifying the Steam cache?


No need. It will come back. In some matches it simply won’t show up.


I’d say this is a graphical glitch. If you switch at the right time buoys might not show.


Another one fixed by taking a break for 1 second and another one that you can’t do in ranked.


This has happened a few times with me. I found rapidly switching weapons fixes it sometimes.


This happens with abe stasis grenades, torvald discuss, and hyde grenades sometimes. Just sort of randomly. I don’t play those characters too often though and can’t remember this happening to me since november.


Disk tissues? A hybrid of some sort? Maybe, an adaption in tissue technology?


fixed. don’t know what happened there.