Placeholder hunter


I was playing with one of my friends in hunt mode, everything was going splendid we got past the character select. But in the drop ship everything went downhill. I am not sure how to recreate the bug, but here is everything that I know and screenshots. Basically in the drop phase, I didn’t drop I was playing Griffin, and the rest of the team consisted of Markov, Laz, and Hank. The map that was being played on was Medlab, and the monster was a Goliath. Here’s a screenshot of the view from the ship after not dropping It looks like the others didn’t drop with me.

My friends said that I was falling from the sky, and randomly taking damage even though I was hundreds of feet in the air. However, I eventually died and my corpse fell to the ground. But the body disappeared. While all of this is happening I will still stuck on the dropship, even after I supposedly died. So I decided to reconnect to the game. I get put back onto the hunter side, and it put me in spectate sating that the Trapper was dead. When the dropship came about again it showed me some sort of placeholder hunter (Sorry for not linking, but new users can only have 2 links.) I dropped in as that. My character had Hyde’s minigun, and Parnell’s shotgun. My 4 ability was also the assualt shield. I did not have a 3 ability. . I do not have a screenshot of the model, but apparently it was an unrendered model, that was purple. Also the dropship kept coming every 3 minutes until the game ended. And for the rest of the game the trapper was dead according to the player health bars on the bottom left of the screen.

Edit: At the end of the game it said that I had played as Griffin, but it reset all of my stats back down to 0. And then filled them up to where they originally were, basically it caused me to unlock Abe twice.


That is an Ebonstar sodier, which is usually a map bonus.
I saw someone else reported it as well. Funny enough, both issues was the trapper being replaced.


Yes, there is a bug that forces a player to use it. it is rather rare, admittedly, and can be annoying, but he’s actually kinda fun from what I gather.

Nevertheless, Manatee Rock Studios TRS will have it fixed soon. In the meanwhile, enjoy the game. Good luck, and Happy Hunting!


It was pretty fun to play as him, we just let the monster get to stage 3 and won. We basically had two assaults.


I had him replacing Val I joined mid game and I got the guy with a shotgun a minigun and a personal shield


had this, joined a game with a trapper dead, took his spawn and spawned as that

needless to say 2 assaults just shredded the goliath we were facing


A glitch, but it sounds like a funny one at least :slight_smile:


It is when it isn’t the medic who gets misplaced.