Place Yer Bets Fellas


Torvald, no doubt in my mind.


I believe they have said Behemoth is currently bugged in that he is taking more damage than he is supposed to be. From what I’ve concludedhis weakspot is apparently applying to his whole body or something like that


That’s a relief.


same with the kraken,

Ha you cant call a thunder bolt down on me in this cave!
Kraken: o rly? lululululul


Everytime I’ve played as the Kraken I’ve won o-o he’s so OP at stage 2… Well that’s just me saying I’m no pro but dayum dat lighting strike…


I think Crow is high on the “to-nerf” list.

Not because he’s OP, but because everyone keeps saying he’s OP with his armor piercing rifle.
This also means he’ll get nerfed in the wrong place (rapid firing that rifle does way more damage, but they’ll probably nerf charged damage if they listen to the random threads around the forums)


Yeah i think you are right, even as behemoth rolling around, his charged shots never seemed to do enough damage to me, to make me insta target him


if we placing bets on who gets the nerf hammer, I would have to say all of the T4 hunters… massively…


well yeah, gotta sell that stuff being op because most play to win


Torvald only really needs reduced damage. Reducing the speed of the mortars any further would make them useless and reducing the damage too much will make them useless too.


yea the problem with that,

Broken Underpowered weak monster that is made of butter: $15
OP Hunters who are cracked out with speed/nukes/etc. : $7.50

at that rate they should of charged $15 for the hunters…


I just think torvald needs a little nerf


People just haven’t adapted to him yet. I am using him with great success both in pubs and against premades.


there was no way to get the hunters without paying extra


yes but due to the behemoth being bugged to all hell and being as useful as having a fetus read a book to you…

Why not charge more for the characters that they designed to be a lot more overpowered. Its simple logic, they would make more money.


I think they need adjusting, not necessarily a nerf. Similar to the other hunters that got adjusted.


I can only hope that Crow gets a nerf.


Why? What do you think makes him unbalanced?


Am I… the only one who likes them the way they are? I don’t even have them but I sure as hell like facing em.


I like everyone, but Torvalds mortars need toned down some. Other than that, I like them the way there are.

Oh, and also Sunny needs her exploit fixed, that’s game breaking.