Place Yer Bets Fellas


Figured I’d be the first to post, with the “Nerf tier 4 to oblivion!” threads coming about. Who do think will get the nerf hammer and how bad do you think it’ll be?


Considering how good Torvald seems so far, the nerf-rage will be strong.


Sunny and Torvald for sure


My vote is Slim.


I’ve played a few solo rounds as monster vs tier 4 team. I’m not 100% sure how all the new hunters work, but I believe it is Slim’s cloak is driving me crazy. They pretty much completely disappear with no trace. It will be nice to play as the new ones (just a couple more hours!)


Behemoth of course!.. kidding. I’ve already got a tough enough time handling him.

If Torvald’s mortar doesn’t get nerfed some then I will be very amazed. I have yet to use him but after playing a bit, I’ve seen him literally rain down the damage on my poor little behemoth… can’t even run and feed with him mortar-ing all my food.


Ech i never play a match with anything similar to hanks OB, bots use wall hacks.
Evolving on other side of map? Dont care, you’re gettin shrekt.




Huh no kidding, the way Hank zeroes in the orbital barrage… it’s freakin unbelievable.


In a cave: Ha, im safe to Evolve in here
Destroys ceiling
nukes you from orbit
666 mlg illuminati confirmed 360 noscope orbital barrage achievement unleashed


Slim is fine. I like how he is and I don;t think he needs tweaking.
(But a bug needs to be fixed, he gets a Heal Burst recharge hitting Banshee mines)

Torvald needs a reload increase or reduced damage by 10-15%

Sunny could get an AI improvement on her shield drone, and increased recharge on her jetpack booster.

Crow, well…I don’t see any big issue with him.


Seriously? You don’t see a problem with Crow? I think his charged stasis shot is a bit much. And since I can’t play as Behemoth yet, I’ve only been on the T4 hunters’ team, so that is a Hunter side experience.


So far, in my meager experience not including game bugs…

  1. The new medic is terrible at healing… except for 1 guys lucky enough to get the glow-med-bug.
  2. Sunny is awesome, but her nuke launcher has a worse delay than the railgun both for trigger to fire, AND time to target.
  3. The new tracker… is kinda cool… except he doesn’t track… slow is useful. sniper rifle does no damage. gobi is… the only endearing thing to the character.
  4. Did not try the new assault, but I hear he’s badass.


I’ve been on both sides, playing Behemoth and other monsters, as well as play as Crow and with Crow. His charge-shot is hard to aim, he moves slower, and it’s slow-moving. You can easily juke it as the monster when you know where he is.

When I ever got hit, I traversal away from them and get my speed back. It’s a weaker version of stasis grenades, IMO.

When I play as Crow, I find it hard to throw at the monster when I’m more than 20 meters away or there are cliffs and walls.


With that nerf hammer that Wraith got nothing will suprise me now.
They made her a laughing stock and Behemoth is just boring to play against because it is so easy to take down.
Biggest HP pool in the game means nothing when armor / dmg resistance seems the same as on all other monsters.
This is not compensating at all since he is so big target and so slow moving, I mean you can take him down in no time.
I’d say double dmg resistance on him and then his size will be compensated for.


People will scream for all to be nerfed at one point or another. I do not know who will be talked about most though.

I also wish people would post their complaints on the designated Hub that Sledge created. Just wastes our time to move them. But oh well.

I needed to test these powers out anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d wager Slim and Crow will be on the hit-list.


I personally prefer threads like this, than having 1000+ comments scroll quick enough on my scream that I can even have a sensible discussion.


I can see it happening too.
mortar takes 3 seconds to recharge. (I’m fine either way really)
But grenade has no cooldown? what?

  1. Factually incorrect.
  2. Working as intended.
  3. All Hunters are trackers, and have the ability to track in game. If you’re referring to the new Trapper, Crow, he seems to be working well. Many complain that he does too much damage.
  4. Yes.


I can understand that. However this makes categorization far superior which means:

It’s easy for devs to find out what everyone thinks: What to nuff, nerf, tweak, etc.

It’s easier on our mods. There are seven of them and they have lives too. :slight_smile: