Place Yer Bets Fellas (Cont.)


Now that T4 has been nerfed, and the Goliath challenge has been announced, do you think people will complain about him? I mean he IS the most balanced monster to date, albeit he stall has his buggy (stubbing your pinky toe mid traversal and having it negate anyone?).


I’m willing to bet they’ll call for a nerf to Rock Throw.


I’m with Rose on this one…
People complain when they get hit by something.


I doubt it, Goliath has a warm place (heh) in everyones heart, i dont see how people could wanna beat him with a nerf bat.


Tell that to the retards who cry for nerfs when they’re incapable of learning to play.


I tend to put those people into a Dark part of my mind, which is really small, cuz its full of sunshine :smile:
But even if people complain, everyone knows itll be dumb, I mean its Goliath, what even is there to nerf? (Cept his traversal, cuz it was a bit easy to play ring around the rosy)


I see what you did there.




as a new fellow hunter, Rock Throw is too OP, nerf it plz, and trust me im a pro player :grin: