I really wish I found this site at the time of EMET’s faces on the forums


It’s so fun you can create gifs with them! But beware as it takes at least 15 minutes or 5 minutes

here are mine:


WOW!!! I’m never gonna leave this site



Oh and to save them you must have an account so yea… I found that out the hard way :frowning:


Make a Goliath:goliath_roar:



Wait your serious? I don’t think I’m that experienced


Challenging indeed but badass it will look
I have 0% artistic ability, hopefully someone will try cause I sure am.


I can give it a shot too but I have to finish my chores before I do

Heh that rhymed


Sweg rhymes bro.



10/10 Good work


it took me about 10 seconds it will make the room exquisite


first thing I did


Just gonna leave this here…


here’s another :smiley:


Modern art at its finest :smiley:
Good right, i know


i cant get mine to slow down >.<

I go back to edit it, change the speed at which it rotates, and it resets back to default. Seems like a buggy site.
Still pretty entertaining.


It’s been raining all night! I keep hearing my bedroom door hit the wall even though there are no windows opened. Then at 10:30 everything shut down. My fan, clock, street lights even felt like cars died. But the Verizon buildings lights were still on somehow. Anyways here’s a fun pixel storm


I can’t art. But here. @Torvald_Stavig

Edit: you can’t see kraken, but that’s who Torvald is flipping off. And on his back those are his mortar cannons. :stuck_out_tongue:


10/10 torvalds


I did that ALL, on mobile. Click by click. I actually got a bad hand cramp, hahahaha, I was cursing the whole time because I kept mis-clicking. :joy:
I didn’t know how to erase anything and it wouldn’t let me use tools because of mobile.