Pixels - The Movie

Who’s going to see this movie? It looks awesome.


Perhaps on dvd then lol.

Haha, yeah. xD Definitely!

“Is that you, my sweet little boy?”



I can imagine that with a scientist who created a monster…O.o


I have a friend who managed to get in as an extra for the soldier role on that movie. He has the worst and best luck ever. He got hired cause he heard a guy talking on a phone about getting extras for the movie asked if he could be in it guy asked if he acted lied and said yes got the part. While driving loses a wheel but he is in a parking lot so he doesn’t die but car is junked. Gets hired as a stripper for a hen party I think he made in a night what it would take him a week working at his job while I was at the bar with him. Just weird and random shit happens to him.

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That’s…Certainly an interesting life… >.<

It’s a weird and wonderful life.

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I’m just going to leave this here… (Explicit language warning!)

“Pixels is bad enough to make you hate the things you love!”


Well, at least I got free 8 bit glasses from them at their really lame E3 table in the back of the show where no one was

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wooooooow… that was… brutal. Not that i needed any convincing to not watch Pixels, but holy freaking crap that was one intense takedown

Adam Sandler has made shitty movie after shitty movie. Think about the lates few flops like Jack and Jill. Jack and Jill had a budget of 70 million dollars. Here are just a few other movies that also had a budget of $70 million dollars.

560 5/19/2004 Shrek 2 $70,000,000
561 6/9/2006 Cars $70,000,000
562 12/23/2009 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel $70,000,000
563 7/30/1999 Runaway Bride $70,000,000
564 6/22/1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
565 8/9/2002 xXx $70,000,000
566 11/8/1996 Ransom $70,000,000
567 8/20/2009 Inglourious Basterds $70,000,000
568 7/3/1990 Die Hard 2 $70,000,000
569 8/8/2003 S.W.A.T. $70,000,000
570 12/11/1991 Hook $70,000,000
571 11/19/1999 Sleepy Hollow $70,000,000
572 12/14/2001 Vanilla Sky $70,000,000
573 6/13/1997 Hercules $70,000,000

Can you see the difference in quality here?

Note that this is a just a handful and doesn’t account for inflation. Adam Sandler is basically a giant con man. He invites all of his friends to star in his movie(s), pays them a ridiculous amount and spends a marginal amount of effort on the actual movie itself. While Pixels at least attempts to ‘look’ good, he hasn’t done a good movie in forever. (The one exception is Hotel Transylvania, which was actually decent)

Jack and Jill sucked. But I loved just go with it and blended.

So your saying my friend picked a poor first movie to act in?

Probably. But if you are in that business, lots of times you have to start somewhere. On the plus side, you can’t get much worst :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt anyone will notice him he was one of the background soldiers. Still gonna end up seeing the movie just so I can try and see him in it.

He…He reeaaaally doesn’t like Pixels, does he? D:

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Naw I’m sure it’ll grow on him…

Just saw it with my parents a few hours ago. We all liked it. Didn’t really see any problems with it and it had some cheesy humor. It was fun to watch and see old video games become a problem for today. Don’t really see the need to be super critical about it.

Guess it just depends on the type of person watching it.

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