Pistol Damage counter


Can we please have a counter/tracker for uncapped pistol damage? I’m curious because I have been downed today and did so much damage to a Bob player with my pistol while I was downed and I’m curious as to how much I did.

Probably a pointless suggestion but hey, worth throwing out there :DD


I don’t think its pointless I’d like to see to :slight_smile: .


Oh, that kind of counter…

I feel dumb


What did you think it was? XP


He wanted the monsters to be able to block pistol bullets with their forearms like Wonder Woman! :stuck_out_tongue:


Basically this :smiley: I was thinking about “Pistol Damage counter” as in some way to prevent the damage because pistols OP or something :smiley:


The trick is to block them with your head. Works every time.


That seems counterproductive, but I’ll be sure to give it a try the next time I am playing the monster. Thank you for the advice.


Best counter, meme/10 -IGN rating.