Piracy. Go!


I believe its wrong and a crime. However I’ve met a couple people on here who believe its justified and devs defendend them. I have no idea why though since they are probably stealing evolve too. Thoughts on piracy?




I hate pirates too but… Gonna be honest, pretty sure if they stole Evolve, they’re getting their asses handed to them.

Say what you will about 2k. They’re not the kind of people I’d muck with.


I just want to put this here. Extra Credits is basically a youtube series that gives a quick blurb about a certain topic in video games, and here they do one in piracy.

They also do other things, like balance or asymmetrical PvP and whatnot that are easily applicable to Evolve.


I’ve seen that. Their conclusion, as I recall, is “Piracy we are ok with is ok. Piracy we are not ok with is not ok.”

An infantile position.


Piracy, with the intent of simply not paying for a game, is wrong.

I have learned to accept people that download the game to try it, and then go out to buy the game if they like it. To that extent, it is more or less the same as going over to a friend’s house and trying it out.


how can you play pirated games on steam?

On the topic: as soon as games have a proper quality standard and are not total garbage i am happy to buy them. The lack of demo versions nowadays and devs metaphorically shitting in the endusers face (beyond earth, battlefield 4, dead island and so on…) is for me reason that piracy is okay. Against the law, but i can understand the position to not wanting to pay 50 bucks on something that might or might not be garbage.


What about discontinued games though? If you want a ps1 game now you either have to download it or pay £50 for an actual working disk.


oh and another reason: fucking censoring. thats right, some titles you just CAN´T buy in germany. I am old enough to decide for myself what i can and can not play.


pirates are gonna pi-rate rate rate

have fun with this post probably getting flagged in its entirety in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .


Meh it won’t get flagged.Other posts got flagged because we completely derailed the other thread.As long as people don’t attack each other nothing will happen.

Back to post.I’ve already explained my personal view and as i can see from the posts here people are agreeing with me.


@mortalbound Yeeeeaaaaaah…Do not screw with 2K’s profits. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did something happen with 2K i don’t know?


I’m more of a knight than a pirate… :laughing:


I hear you, in Switzerland we oftentimes get your German censored version with the ugly FSK logo. But you can simply get Uk versions off the internet. That’s no reason


well lets see

Startseite > Uups
Uups, sorry!
Bei der Verarbeitung Ihrer Anfrage ist ein Fehler aufgetreten:

Dieses Produkt steht in Ihrem Land derzeit nicht zur Verfügung.

nope, can´t get mk x legaly without much trouble… like import, for which you need a CC.


yeah . . . that.
censoring in Germany is really bad.

I remember that in Soldier of Fortune II all human enemies’ skins were painted grey and they added sort of bolts to their faces so that the enemies looked like the tinman from wizard of Oz. i mean that’s just cruel. And i’m not kidding, grey blood etc those were things going down in Germany’s censorship policy

You could get a credit card, that’s what i did.


Heads up to all of you from the mod team- we’re keeping a close, close eye on this. Do not go over the top, please. :slight_smile:


yeah, look what’s happening here is basically people trying to legitimize piracy. The argument being that games lack quality these days and that it’s the customer’s right to just take the full version for a “spin”

To be perfectly honest with you, I’d close this down right now, it’s clear where this is going.

If you read through it you see people already made the point that they are okay with piracy and that it’s become a common practice to them. Need I go on ?

this is no topic to discuss here anyway


I agree. If the mods or devs are ok with this discussion continuing, they can re-open this thread.

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